IN MEMORY OF (2018) Reviews and overview

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In Memory Of is a 2018 American science fiction road trip horror feature film directed by Eric Stanze (Ratline; Deadwood Park; The Captives; Scrapbook) from a screenplay co-written with Jason Christ and Jackie Kelly (Tennessee Gothic) who also star, alongside  Adam Ahlbrandt and Emily Haack.

The soundtrack music score was composed by Gus Stevenson (Ratline) and Rocky Gray (10/31), former drummer for Evanescence.


When a medical experiment turns into a blood-soaked nightmare, the only surviving subject flees for her life.

Painfully missing her most precious memories of childhood, pummeled by horrific hallucinations, and pursued by those who stand to profit from her damaged brain, Amber Sheridan embarks on a cross-country road trip to track down a mysterious stranger – the one man who has the ability to end Amber’s madness and restore the memories that have been stolen from her…


“Not too be overlooked are the visuals and the role that they pay in the story at hand. And nowhere is this clearer, they how the visuals have symbolic imagery and overflowing with subtext. Ultimately, In Memory Of is an extraordinary film that is best described as a surreal road trip through the darkest recesses of the mind.” 10K Bullets

” …considering most of In Memory Of feels like a disturbing and disorienting fever dream, the film’s conclusion feels slightly underwhelming in comparison to all that preceded it. That being said, Stanze remains one of the most intriguing horror filmmakers working at the micro-budget level…” Daily Dead

” …another standout feature from one of the most interesting filmmakers in modern independent horror. Stanze’s evolution from super low-budget shock artist to genuine horror auteur has been exciting to follow, and it’s not many filmmakers who would be swinging for the fences like this nearly twenty-five years into their career.” Daily Grindhouse

“It’s clear from the outset that this film will have some twists and turns along the way […] the real rewards here lie in the audio-visual execution with Stanze and company pulling out all the stops with dynamic editing, lensing, and sound design creating an intense and unnerving atmosphere.” Mondo Digital

In Memory Of, Stanze’s most mature and ambitious feature to date, is a slow film. It’s not dull, but it moves at a very deliberate pace and unfolds in very small doses rather than in large chunks. It’s not a film that you can only half pay attention to…” Rock! Shock! Pop!

” …In Memory Of is more of a cinematic fever dream than an all-out horror film. The script by Stanze, Christ and Kelly does have some straight up scares but they’re not the film’s driving force. It’s more interested in messing with your mind than making you jump out of your seat.” Voices from the Balcony

“Kelly perfectly captures the right balance of fear and resilience. She’s given a lot of screen time and exposure and is unnervingly good at keeping you guessing about which of her memories you can trust […] In Memory Of is an unremittingly creepy municipality of the mind where mystery and madness have come home to stay.” We Are Movie Geeks


Released on two-disc Blu-ray on June 26, 2018, by Wicked Pixel Cinema. Extras include:

  • 93 minute making-of documentary
  • Commentary track by director Eric Stanze
    Commentary track by actress Jackie Kelly, actor Jason Christ, and director Eric Stanze
  • Featurette on the film’s original music score
  • Deleted scenes.

Cast and characters:

  • Jackie Kelly … Amber Sheridan
  • Jason Christ … Simon Diyor
  • Adam Ahlbrandt … Darren
  • Emily Haack … Haley
  • D.J. Vivona … Barry
  • Jim Ousley … Arthur
  • Gus Stevenson … Joe
  • Haley Madison … Jennifer
  • Jason Allen Wolfe … Amber’s Father
  • Nadina Schulte … Aunt Jeanette
  • Katie Groshong … Research Scientist Carol
  • Chaz Minner … Research Scientist Shawn
  • Stephen Potter … Hitchhiker
  • Travis Brown … Reverend Joshua Thomas
  • Stacey Rios … Television Crew Member #1

Technical details:

122 minutes

Filming locations:

Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

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