The House of Murderers – Italy, 2019 – preview

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The House of Murderers is a 2019 Italian paranormal horror feature film directed by Bruno Di Marcello (Christmaz) from a screenplay written with the collaboration of Antonio Tentori (Virus: Extreme Contamination; Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D; Zombies: The Beginning; Nightmare Concert: A Cat in the Brain). The Gothic produzioni film stars Stefania Visconti, Kelly Abbass, Daria Contento and Teodora Mammoliti.


Beautiful transgendered Erika (Stefania Visconti) arrives in an old dark house in the country during a stormy night. She is escaping from her violent boyfriend. At first Erika finds peace, but day by day strange things begin to happen as she hears whispered voices and strange shadows.

Ominously, a man from the nearest village tells Erika that since the Second World War the house has been known as “The house of murderers”…

Cast and characters:

  • Stefania Visconti … Erika
  • Kelly Abbass … Jenny
  • Daria Contento … Amy
  • Teodora Mammoliti … Therese
  • Mauro Serio … Man from the village

Technical details:

  • 70 minutes

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