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‘There’s something evil onboard.’

Mayday is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about mysterious events on a passenger plane. The movie was directed by Massimiliano Cerchi (The House of Evil; PlanktonHellingerThe Mummy Theme Park) from a screenplay written by Rod Smith (Cognitive Psychosis). The High Point Pictures production stars Michael Paré, Crystal Santos, Chanel Ryan (Circus of the Dead), Dania Priya Bella and Christopher Drummond.


During a flight from Los Angeles to London, frequent power outages lead to passengers mysteriously disappearing one by one. With the remaining passengers’ lives on the line, an Air Marshal (Michael Paré) jumps into action while he tries to determine what is going on…


“The script and dialogue are interesting, yet at only 76 minutes, I felt a bit jilted that I was dropped into a film that had already started. Actually, to see the people in the gate waiting for the plane, or even prior to flying would have made me care about the characters more. Understandably though, Mayday is meant to be a sonic blast of horror, mixing elements of The Exorcist and Twilight Zone.” Dan’s Movie Report

” …since the entire movie takes place inside the cabin of a jetliner, we are truly dependent on the interaction of the characters and the dialogue to move the film forward and to give us insight into each personality so we can decide if we love, hate, or are indifferent to them. For us, the dialogue didn’t do this. Some was lackluster, sometimes even funny, but we weren’t sure if it was by accident or by design.” Martial Arts & Action Entertanment

Mayday is on the line between plain bad-bad and good-bad, with the latter being just enough, especially in the third act, where I would give this a cautionary recommendation, just know going in the script is poor and acting pretty dreadful as well.” Movieman’s Guide to the Movies

“The cinematography is gorgeous, the music by Simone Cilio is spectacular, and the performances are pretty strong all the way around. Pare does an incredible job as Air Marshall Anderson. This solid cast also boasts two of indie horrors A-list leading ladies in Chanel Ryan (Circus of the Dead) and Sadie Katz (Blood Feast), and everyone delivers quality performances here.” Matthew Solomon, Pop Horror

“The light flickering before someone disappears is nicely implemented and the movie does have a good twist towards the end. For anyone looking for a tense horror set in a plane, Mayday is not the film for you. The movie is greatly let down by a mediocre script and questionable acting. While there is potential here, Mayday never quite lifts off from the ground, making it a very forgettable movie.” Veronique Englebert, The Review Geek

“It’s bad enough to be entertaining of course, and strangely, I was rather compelled to stick with it to find out just what was really going on. I guess that counts for something. It’s low budget as I mentioned, but has good production design and a quality look, surely enough to satisfy fans searching the digital shelves for this kind of fun.” David Duprey, That Moment In

Mayday isn’t the most original of films, and I pretty quickly had an idea of what was going on […] There’s enough jump scares and surprises to keep the film fun. I wish the film had done more with some of the characters though. Several might as well not have even been in the film, they were just introduced and ignored.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony


Mayday was released on DVD, Digital, and On-Demand by Lionsgate on September 10, 2019.

Choice dialogue:

“It’s interesting what humans find important these days.”

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Paré … Adam Anderson
  • Crystal Santos … Rochelle
  • Chanel Ryan … Lynn
  • Dania Priya Bella … Amanda
  • Christopher Drummond … Mark Tillman
  • Scott Engrotti … Clem ‘Smokey’ Williams
  • Daniel Giovanni Fleming … Hank
  • Larry Fleming … Mr. Chase
  • Raj Kala … Doctor Singh
  • Raimonda Kara … Carla
  • Sadie Katz … Aeryn
  • Erik Landreth … Roscoe
  • Thomas Longo … Richard Clooney
  • Wilfred Lopez … Benjamin
  • Molly McCormick … Molly


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