THE INITIATION (2019) Preview


The Initiation is a 2019 American horror feature film about a coven of feminist witches at a college. The movie was directed by Brian McCulley (She Walks the Woods; Broken Cross) from a screenplay written by Jimmy Drain, Mark T. Fowler, Lewis Leslie and Ty M.C. The Thunderknight Entertainment production stars Lauren C. Mayhew, Jimmy Drain, Naomi Grossman, Meggie Maddock and Vernon Wells.


Professor Daniel Kimmer (Jimmy Drain) of St. Elzears College, has come to terms that his marriage with wife Jaime (Meggie Maddock) is ending.

This, combined with the growing epidemic of a scandalous on campus “faculty to student relations” threatens to expose a love affair with one of his own ex-students, the alluring Starr Bramlett (Lauren C. Mayhew).

Daniel discovers that Starr is a member of a secret society of witches dedicated to promote feminine freedom and remove restrictions that are put upon women via religion and society.

Can Daniel save his marriage and career from this pending assault upon the college and his life? Or will a new angel of evil be born?

Cast and characters:

  • Lauren C. Mayhew … Starr
  • Jimmy Drain … Daniel Kimmer
  • Naomi Grossman … Lillian
  • Meggie Maddock … Jaime Kimmer
  • Vernon Wells … Cypress
  • Audrey Walters … Cynthia
  • Monique Candelaria … Selena
  • Mel Novak … Dean Martino
  • London Grace … Mary
  • Ted Maritz … Manny
  • Denise Gurule … Corey
  • T.O.N.E-z … Marcus
  • Fernando A. San Miguel … Deacon Javier
  • Ken Thong … Kenny
  • Joanna Goud … Witch

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