Cut Off aka Abgeschnitten – Germany, 2018

Cut Off is a 2019 German horror thriller feature film about a coroner that finds a capsule buried deep in the head of a heavily mutilated corpse, containing a phone number and single word… the name of his daughter.

Written and directed by Christian Alvart (Pandorum; Case 39: Antibodies), Abgeschnitten is based on a novel by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos. The movie stars Moritz Bleibtreu, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Lars Eidinger and Fahri Yardim.

Cast and characters:

  • Moritz Bleibtreu … Paul Herzfeld
  • Jasna Fritzi Bauer … Linda
  • Lars Eidinger … Jan Erik Sadler
  • Fahri Yardim … Ender Müller
  • Enno Hesse … Ingolf von Appen
  • Christian Kuchenbuch … Philipp Schwintowski
  • Urs Jucker … Jens Marinek
  • Barbara Prakopenka … Hannah Herzfeld
  • Stephanie Amarell … Rebecca Schwintowski
  • Dirk Nocker … Bürgermeister Bandrupp
  • Niels-Bruno Schmidt … Udo Bandrupp
  • Klara Höfels … Friederike Töven
  • Joy Maria Bai … Dr. Sabine Yao
  • Georg Veitl … Dr. Schierz
  • Ben Münchow … Tom
  • Jan Bülow … Klaus
  • Jana Klinge … RA Korn
  • Sebastian Fitzek Sebastian Fitzek … RA Ossmann
  • Silke Geertz … Sybille Schwintowski
  • Michael Tsokos … Dr. Strohm
  • Maikel Kata … Rocco
  • Susanne Karner … Babette
  • Linnea Tsokos … Rebecca 5 Jahre
  • Christopher Kohn … Danny (voice)
  • Daniela Wüstner … Petra Herzfeld (voice)
  • Marc Bluhm … Clemens
  • Jonny Nestorovic … Kollege
  • Tatjana Kupka … Frau am Kicker
  • Alexander Petau … Mann am Kicker
  • Rainer Förster … Taxifahrer

Filming locations:

Berlin and Heligoland, a small archipelago in the North Sea, Germany

Technical details:

  • 132 minutes
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35: 1

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