A GOOD WOMAN IS HARD TO FIND (2019) Reviews and overview

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A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a 2019 British-Belgian-Irish thriller about a recently widowed young mother will go to any lengths to protect her children as she seeks the truth behind her husband’s murder.

Directed by Abner Pastoll (Road Games) from a screenplay by Ronan Blaney, the movie stars Sarah Bolger, Edward Hogg, Andrew Simpson and Jane Brennan.


“Morality is not a viable way to deal with deeply immoral people. They don’t respond to it. Sarah consequently has to do immoral things to save herself and her family. But that is, of course, as moral an intention as you could ever find. That idea provides intellectual suspense to match the more physical kind.” The Aisle Seat

“Much like The Invisible Man earlier in the year, it just drops you into the world of a mistreated woman. While it’s easy to believe she has gone through hell since her husband was killed, there’s no context. Content still matters even in May 2020. Anderson Vision

” …for a small-budgeted movie filmed in just 16 days, A Good Woman is Hard to Find is quite an achievement. Anchored by a superb starring turn from Sarah Bolger, whose radiant talent is finally matched by a well-written film script (she’s had better luck on the small screen), Abner Pastoll’s new film is far better than most movies made in such a short time span.” Arrow in the Head

A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a mix of social realism, crime thriller and family drama. What makes it stand out is a strong central performance from Bolger. She encapsulates the anxiety and angst of a grieving widow who is struggling to survive. When threatened, she will only be pushed so far.” Backseat Mafia

“The visual design, music, and performances accompany an engrossing script that feels very real while also serving as wish fulfillment. It may read a bit like a by-the-numbers revenge movie on paper, but it will satisfy you with an identifiable character that delivers one hell of a glorious ending.” Dread Central

“Beautifully observed and with a terrific central performance from Bolger, this is a film that takes a simple story and gives it real power. Director Abner Pastoll builds up the tension masterfully, with most of the action focused around Sarah’s small flat, on the ground floor, with glass panelled doors and thin walls – impossible to defend.” Eye for Film

“Pastoll and Blaney are so careful with how they craft the narrative. It’s a hopeful sign that, in 2019 when we’re continually working on issues of representation in front of / behind the camera, two men are able to tell a strongly female story with such honesty and accuracy. But it wouldn’t be half the film it is without Bolger.” Father Son Holy Gore

“Anchored by Sarah Bolger’s powerful performance as a suppressed woman finally discovering what she might be capable of, and showcasing Pastoll’s confident, steady direction, A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a subtle thriller to look out for.” Goomba Stomp

With his sophomore effort, Pastoll has proven that he isn’t just a one hit wonder in the suspense department. He has seamlessly blended the beauty that can be found in everyday life with the ugliness of crime and its unwitting victims […] Pastoll has crafted a beautiful thriller with blood and grime in all of the right places.” Haddonfield Horror

“Well-crafted on every level, A Good Woman is Hard to Find works above all because of how attuned it is to its people, from the side trips into the lives of both Tito and Leo (very well played by Simpson and Hogg) to the moments when Sarah’s kids innocently and unwittingly complicate matters for her.” Rue Morgue

Cast and characters:

  • Sarah Bolger … Sarah
  • Edward Hogg … Leo Miller
  • Andrew Simpson … Tito
  • Jane Brennan … Alice
  • Caolan Byrne … Terry
  • Packy Lee … Mackers
  • Rudy Doherty … Ben
  • Macie McCauley … Lucy
  • Susan Ateh … Emily Scott
  • Siobhan Kelly … Doctor Rosa Brady
  • Sean Sloan … Jimmy
  • Nigel O’Neill … PC Huxley
  • Daryl McCormack … PC Reeves
  • Josh Bolt … Donal
  • James McCaffrey … Conor

Technical details:

  • 97 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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