BLOOD 13 (2018) Review of Chinese murder mystery

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Blood 13 is a 2018 Chinese murder mystery horror-thriller about a young female detective trying to track down a serial killer.

Directed by Candy Li from a screenplay by Tu Hu, 血十三  (original title) stars Lu Huang, Gang Xie, Bo Qian and Heng Li.


When investigating a murder case, reckless female detective Xing Min (Lu Huang) finds the body of a naked female victim hung upside down in a basement bathroom. Old detective Lao Zhou (Gang Xie) assures that this is one of the prostitute serial murder cases that he has been investigating for the last fifteen years.

As Xing Min tracks down the murderer, she has to deal with her inner prejudice against prostitutes caused by her traumatizing childhood memory, while irresistibly resonate to the murderer herself. To break through the case, she needs to conquer her nightmare and risk herself to uncover the truth…


A quirky serial-killer drama that makes the most of its low budget and offbeat touches, Blood 13 manages to sustain interest and dramatic tension thanks to its lead cast and quick-footed script before a disappointingly conventional ending. Those final 10-15 minutes aside, this is still well worth a look…” Derek Elley, Sino-Cinema

Cast and characters:

  • Lu Huang … Xing Min
  • Gang Xie … Lao Zhou
  • Bo Qian … Ke Zhenghua
  • Heng Li … Mei Shuo
  • Bin Li … Liu Yang
  • Xiaoran Chang … Cheng Yao
  • Xinhua Chen … General Gao
  • Changwei Chu … Police A
  • Yafei Dai … Cheng Xiao
  • Yan Deng … Nurse B
  • Cheng Fang … Suspect
  • Meiling Hou … Female Pimp
  • Yibin Hou … Skinny Man
  • Jiaqiao Huang … Xing Min’s Father
  • Donghao Li … Forensic

Technical details:

  • 99 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1


Blood 13 was released in China on 15 June 2018.

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