DOLL FACTORY (2014) Reviews and overview

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‘Come and play with us’

Doll Factory is a 2014 American horror feature film about a group of teens who unwittingly release a curse that brings hundreds of killer dolls to life.

Written, produced and directed by Stephen Wolfe (10/31 Part II segment ‘Dead Lift’; Evil Deeds: Full Circle segment ‘Dracula’s Coffin’) Midnight Abyss), the Fan Fiction Cinema production stars Justin Herman (Midnight Abyss; Evil Deeds 2), Nicole Elliott (The Devil’s Hand), Andy Palmer (10/31 Part II), Boo Gay and Eric C. Schneider.


Mark (Justin Herman) and Kay (Nicole Elliott) are out with friends, looking for thrills on Halloween night when a playful ritual takes a turn for the horrific.

After unknowingly awakening dozens of possessed baby dolls, their town seems set for destruction and chaos. But with the help of Kay’s brother, Melvin (Andy Palmer) and angry old man Darius Grumley (Boo Gay), the teens must find a way to stop the baby dolls and ward off the evil force of nature that is after their souls…


“There’s plenty of gore of varying quality here and the movie doesn’t take itself all that seriously, which makes it work.” B & S About Movies

“Yes, Doll Factory is no doubt a low-budgeter, but Wolfe used every dime and nickel to put forth one sensational movie experience. The character development is simple, and the story is set up really well.” Steven DeJoseph Jr., Cryptic Rock

” …the dolls in Doll Factory, designed by Jeffrey Birney, aren’t very cool or creepy; they don’t even have enough animation in their faces to make their lips move when they talk. But they do say some funny things in a silly/creepy voice-over and you eventually get used to their low-budget way of moving around.” John Black, Gruesome magazine

“The flaw in Doll Factory is that it sometimes trying so hard to ape ‘80s/‘90s direct-to-video horror conventions that it loses all sense of taste. Beyond that, though, it really is a fantastic horror movie.” Jef Rouner, Houston Chronicle

“While horror films featuring possessed children’s toys isn’t exactly new, a refreshingly surprising aspect of what Wolfe does with his film is the way he seamlessly combines comedy with horror.” Shain E. Thomas, Medium

“The killer dolls stand out because they are child-like, with a morbid sense of humor. With their own infantile voice-work, the dolls are driven by their mean-spirited personality. When the killer dolls show up, that’s when the gore and practical effects really pop out.” Villain Media

Doll Factory features a very mixed bag of effects. There are some well-done gore gags offset by some obvious CGI blood. The dolls themselves are very crudely animated. They look like marionettes much of the time. With jaws that move but not in synch to the one-liners they toss out. I’ll take that over the immobile dolls that appear out of nowhere and just stand there that we see in so many films lately.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Justin Herman … Mark
  • Nicole Elliott … Kay
  • Andy Palmer … Melvin
  • Boo Gay … Darius Grumley
  • Eric C. Schneider … Derek
  • Tracy Collins … Allison
  • Milo Rubi … Miguel (as Marc Penarubia)
  • Will Allday … Blake
  • Chris Fender … Sheriff Bart Barclay
  • Patrick Sane … Yegor
  • Nasir Villanueva … Ian
  • Larry Wade Carrell … Deputy Donnie Harris
  • Deke Anderson … Ghost 1
  • Tim Walker Anderson … Deputy George Temple (as Tim Anderson)
  • Justyn Bradley … Mike

Filming locations:

Houston, Texas

Technical details:

85 minutes

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