WILD BOAR (2019) Reviews and overview


Wild Boar is a 2019 American science fiction horror film about a hidden colony of bloodthirsty mutant pig-men that prey on innocent humans who cross their path.

Written, produced and directed by special makeup effects expert Barney Burman, from a storyline co-written with Andrew P. Jones, the Impatient Monsters production stars Daniel Roebuck, Augie Duke, Reina Hardesty and Douglas Tait.


A small group of treasure seekers, also known as “Geocachers,” who trek into the desert to conquer a Geocache Challenge.

Out in the wild, they stumble upon a forbidden world flooded with radiation and inhabited by a race of bloodthirsty mutants who have evolved from pigs…


“The focus is on horror here with occasional comic relief, but when these pig men get to human hunting, there is little funny business. Gorehounds, grindhouse, and creature feature aficionados should find plenty to enjoy in this giddy outing.” Joseph Perry, read more at The Scariest Things

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Cast and characters:

Daniel Roebuck … Wolf / The Butcher
Augie Duke … Lamb
Reina Hardesty … Kitty
Douglas Tait … The Hunter
Barney Burman … Foster
Jessica Sonneborn … Sable
Jeff Gadigan
Jeff Caperton … Doomed Man
Michael Reed … Griffin
Jim Nieb … Turtle
Geneva Keller … Pig-girl
Fred Schuyler … Bear
Anton Burman … Tiger
Matt Sammartine … Beast 2


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