DEMON OF PARADISE (1987) Reviews and overview


‘It waits underwater… to skin you alive!’

Demon of Paradise is a 1987 Filipino-American action horror feature film about an ancient reptilian creature that is resurrected by dynamite fishing.

Directed by co-producer Cirio H. Santiago (Vampire Hookers) from a screenplay written by Frederick Bailey (Skeleton Man), based in Santiago and Bailey’s storyline; the Concorde-New Horizons Picture was co-produced by Rodman Flender (director of Leprechaun 2; The Unborn; Idle Hands), Leonard Hermes and Matt Leipzig.

The dreadful soundtrack score was composed by Ding Achacoso (as Edward Achacoso).


“Hard to believe that suits from horror films made thirty years before have far better and actually realistic-looking suits. Despite the monsters hilarious image it still manages to be seemingly indestructible taking infinite bullet shots and even pulls a Jaws 2 and takes a helicopter down into the water.” Blood Brothers

“The monster itself is a guy in a rubber suit. But one with a unique design. It has a dragon-like tail, and its head is crowned with twisty, gorgon-like projections. That and the snout, reminiscent of Curse of the Demon, make for an unusual and cohesive creature that worked just fine for this lover of rubber monster suits.” Cinema Head Cheese

“Totally bland late 80s creature feature does little but make one appreciate vintage monster opuses like Creature from the Black Lagoon and Monster That Challenged the World even more. The Gill Man and Godzilla cross-bred design is suitably menacing but the title demon is little threat to anybody till the last fifteen minutes.” Cool Ass Cinema

“While Demon ultimately dishes up a healthy dose of conflict […] so much wasteful talkity-talk-talk precedes the fun that you’ll be frantically searching for that extra 40 of malt liquor that you like to have handy for making it through trash like this.” DVD Talk

“Blah blah blah legend of prehistoric underwater lizard-man Akua blah blah oh no, he’s really real blah blah blah let’s follow the standard animal attack movie formula: we can’t cancel the annual Parade Festival blah blah blah the scienceologist will save the day blah blah f*cking blah.” Final Girl

“All of the effects involved are shoddy, as the entire production was probably made with some money that Corman found under his couch cushions. If that’s not the case, it’s certainly more fun to think so.” Oh, the Horror!

Demon of Paradise is trashy 80s exploitation at its dullest and most lifeless. Santiago seems to be as bored making it as the audience will be watching it. Even die-hard lovers of low-grade monster movies would be hard-pressed to find something worthwhile here, despite the odd promise of unintentional entertainment.” Popcorn Pictures

” …a film that deals in character stereotypes, no one here shows any real character development or range at all. The performances are fine considering what’s called for and the female cast members are attractive enough that we can overlook a few awkward moments that occur at their expense.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

“You have to wait a long time for something good to happen, but more often than not, Santiago delivers. Exhibit A: The scene where the monster leaps out of the water and slam dunks a helicopter into the sea. It’s moments like this that make Demon of Paradise sorta awesome.” The Video Vacuum 

Choice dialogue:

“Told you it was the same old sh*t!”

“I don’t know, all the pan-fried toxic muck we throw at this planet. Never know what it might throw back at you.”

“The way I see it this thing is a cross between the Loch Ness monster the Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot all wrapped up in one. Mystery and mayhem will be the magnets”

Cast and characters:

  • Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1 … Annie
  • William Steis … Keefer
  • Laura Banks … Cahill
  • Frederick Bailey … Ike
  • Leslie Scarborough … Gabby (as Leslie Huntly)
  • Henry Strzalkowski … Shelton
  • Nick Nicholson … Langley
  • Liza Baumann … Luisa
  • Paul Holmes … Ted
  • Joe Mari Avellana … Blue
  • David Light … Snake
  • Ronnie Patterson … Guy #1
  • David Anderson … Guy #2
  • Hero Bautista … Koby
  • Ramon D’Salva … Father
  • Angel Buenaventura … Village Chief
  • Joseph Zucchero … Colonel National Guard (as Joe Zucchero)
  • Warren McLean … Lieutenant
  • Jerry Hart … Tourist Guide
  • Bill Baldridge … Stan
  • Harry Taylor … Medical Examiner
  • Eric Hahn … Tourist (uncredited)
  • Steve Rogers … Cop (uncredited)

Technical details:


  • 87 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1
  • Audio: Mono

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