WEIRD FICTION (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘True terror awaits’

Weird Fiction is a 2018 American horror anthology feature film written, directed by and starring Jacob Perrett. The movie also stars Taylor Rhoades and Isabella Rodriguez.

“Tune in and die. The Collector’s midnight Halloween special comes once a year. Sink your fangs into four tales of true terror, each more horrifying than the last. Follow the story of a group of teens in search of a missing body, a babysitter’s horrifying night, a vampire sleazy movie star, and two girls as they uncover what may be the end of the world as we know it. This is – Weird Fiction.”


Weird Fiction will be released on DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on May 12th 2020.


“Surprisingly Jacob Perrett’s independent effort falls closer to John Carpenter’s Body Bags than something like Creepshow or one of the grandaddy’s Trick ‘R Treat. […] Weird Fiction is retro in style but offers something fresh to the horror anthology and definitely more treat than trick.” Bloody Flicks

Weird Fiction presents enjoyable Horror content gift wrapped with a nostalgic atmosphere. The scare factor is lacking but it will not pose a problem amidst the callousness of the target market. Overall Director, Writer, Cinematographer Jacob Perrett gives a superb viewing experience…” Decay Mag

” …there’s more to making all of these ideas come to together than just aping the stuff from old videos. The best anthology collections feel varied and have a certain kind of texture, a sort of diverse patchwork that the overall bookends hold together. Here it’s the same style and the same actors doing the same schtick four times over, regardless of whether it’s a vampire story or an alien invasion.” Horror Cult Films

“The individual concepts explored in this film also come from a vast range of themes within the horror genre. There’s plenty of variety here, and most horror fans will be very pleased with the results. Weird Fiction provides intriguing bedtime stories, before smothering you with a pillow…” Indie Horror Online

“For everything Weird Fiction gets right, it’s not perfect. You work with what you’ve got, and sometimes the acting can be uneven; a “dead” body may blink more than a typical dead body should, lines come out monotone once or twice. It’s a low-budget film, not an A24 production.” Nerdly

“It helps I love anthologies anyway but this (that purports to have zero budget) was a solid film with acting that wasn’t terrible, a fantastic soundtrack, and a great look to it. Budget constraints might show on occasion, and the plot occasionally assumes the viewer is up to speed on what is going on, but overall this was a damn fine film…” The Rotting Zombie

“Avoiding the temptation of falling back on gore, nudity and shock cuts, Perrett’s film is horror-lite, unfashionably slow and character-driven, but also appealing and offbeat. Fans of a certain age will be won over by the attention to detail, including groovy cassette decks, Farrah Fawcett posters and Belinda Carlisle vinyl records.” Horrorscreams Videovault

Filming locations:

Meadville, Pennsylvania

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