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‘Save the last dance… for Hell!’

Slash Dance – aka Slashdance – is a 1989 American horror thriller feature film written and directed by James Shyman (Hollywood’s New Blood). The movie stars Cindy Ferda, James Carroll Jordan, J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner and Jay Richardson. 



In Hollywood, a female cop goes undercover as a dancer at an old theatre to catch a serial killer who has been murdering women auditioning for a musical…



“There are a lot of red herrings tossed around, along with a lot of big hair, acid-washed denim, horrible acting and downright retarded storytelling. This movie also tries to inject a lot of really unfunny, inappropriate humor throughout, which gives it a schizophrenic feel as it switches back and forth from wacky high jinks to musical montages to serious violence, all without batting an eyelash.”

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“The title is perfect for an 80s slasher but the film itself plays out like a made for television murder mystery with humor scattered throughout. Sadly, the painfully dull scenes and the tedious dialogue makes it a tough one to sit through. Finally, the film does have a few deaths with a little blood and light practical effects.” Horror Society

Slashdance is an utterly avoidable effort that fails to deliver as a slasher, as a comedy or even as a dance movie. There’s really nothing to recommend here and its best avoided.” A Slash Above…

Slash Dance dancers 1989

Slash Dance is very bad, and I don’t really think it’s even much of a curiosity for slasher fans unless you really want to see shoot guns on a firing range, deliver dropkicks, and show off her high-heel throwing prowess. No matter how cool that sounds, it really isn’t. Trash it!” Oh, the Horror!

Slash Dance geek 1989

“The intentional humor is so not funny that it totally travels full-circle and becomes funny again, which is very rare … Look, if you want a decent slasher set in the world of theatre, try Stage Fright or Curtains. But if you just want some fabulously bad direct-to-VHS ’80s-cheesy-style fun, I highly recommend Slash Dance, some friends, and a six-pack.” Final Girl

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“Lots of dancing. Few thrills.” John Stanley, Creature Features

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Cast and characters:

Cindy Ferda … Tori Raines (as Cindy Maranne)
James Carroll Jordan … Logan (as James Carrol Jordan)
J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner … Amos (as Joel Von Ornsteiner)
John Henry Richardson … Edison (as Jay Richardson – The Unliving; The Wasp Woman; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers; et al)
William Kerr … Oliver
John Bluto … Rupert
Dee Booher … Repo (as Queen Kong)
Kelle Favara … Mavis
Jackson Daniel … Jeff (as Jackson Daniels)
Vinece Lee … Cleo
Janice Patterson … Maxine
Shari Blum … Annie
Susan Deemer … Holly (as Susan Kaye Deemer)
Lanell Henson … Susie
Cynthia Cheston … Alice
Joleen Mullins … Misty (as Joleen Tropp)
Richard Scalata … Trope
Daniel H. Friedman … Sling (as Daniel Friedman)
Diana Karanikas … Dancer
Kelli Lee … Dancer
Karin Clark … Dancer
Denise Ames … Dancer
Aimee Becker … Dancer
Julie Roberts … Dancer
Julie Trotta … Bar Girl
Nader Abedz … Bartender
Cheri Reardon … Hooker
Sharyn Simmons … Cop

Choice dialogue:

“Ok, but if I end up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame from sleeping on your couch, it’s your fault.”

“It’d like to tap dance, on his head.”

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