Dragon Soldiers (2020) reviews and overview


‘Hell came from above’

Dragon Soldiers is a 2020 American fantasy horror feature film about a group of elite mercenaries employed to rid a small town of a legendary local monster.

Directed, co-edited and co-produced by Hank Braxtan (Snake Outta Compton; Unnatural; Chemical Peel; Blood Effects) from a screenplay written by Dan Sinclair (Dead Ant; Chemical Peel) who also co-stars.

The Automatic Films production also stars Butch McCain, Asa Forsyth, Motown Maurice (WRZ: White Racist Zombies; Alien Expedition; Snake Outta Compton), co-producer Arielle Brachfeld (Axeman 2: Overkill; Consumption; The Haunting of Whaley House), Tarkan Dospil (Snake Outta Compton), Heath C. Heine (Jurassic Thunder; Rage of the Mummy; Terror Tales), Ruben Pla and Antuone Torbert.

Special visual effects by CKVFX – Steve Clark and Paul Knott

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …if you’ve seen any Syfy channel monster movie, be they by The Asylum or not, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this film […] the use of ropey CGI in place of the gunfire, blood splatter and – of course – for the titular monster; which, by the way, doesn’t look that bad, coming across as suitably evil and menacing. But hey, if you like that sort of thing, and I (and plenty of others I know) do, then there’s a lot to enjoy about Dragon Soldiers…” Nerdly

” …a campy movie that you shouldn’t take too seriously. It was actually fair enough for mindless entertainment. The dragon was interesting in design. Sometimes the CGI was quite good but at other times the CGI was questionable and dubious at best.” Paul Haakonsen

“The dragon itself is fairly well done for a low budget film like this. It’s certainly better than the one at the beginning of Dragon Mountain or any number of other low budget fantasy epics. We also get to see a fair amount of it in the second half of the film. If you enjoy monster movies then you should find Dragon Soldiers an enjoyable enough time killer.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

Artie: “Who the hell doesn’t like cake, Julius?”

Tristan: “Tis but a scratch”

Green: “Show me some magic, Puff!”


Dazzler Media released Dragon Soldiers on DVD in the UK on 11th May 2020. Buy: Amazon.co.uk

Cast and characters:

  • Butch McCain … Mayor Mordry
  • Asa Forsyth … Percy
  • Motown Maurice … Kayman
  • Dan Sinclair … Griffin
  • Arielle Brachfeld … Gwen
  • Tarkan Dospil … Hollis
  • Heath C. Heine … Tristan
  • Ruben Pla … Artie Cameron
  • Antuone Torbert … Green

Filming locations:

Western Colorado

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