CAMP BLOOD 8: REVELATIONS (2019) Reviews and overview

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Camp Blood 8: Revelations is a 2019 American slasher horror film about the continued killing spree of a deranged clown.

Written, edited and directed by Dennis Devine (Things franchise; The Haunting of La Llorona; Vampire Club 3D; Alice in Murderland; Don’t Look in the Cellar; et al), the Sterling Entertainment production stars Domiziano Arcangeli, Rhei Liu, Phoebe Dollar (Sunset Society; Werewolf in a Women’s Prison; Butchered), Rowan Denis and Sally Mullins (Things 4; Sawblade; Demon Kiss).

The movie was produced by David S. Sterling, Domiziano Arcangeli, Gustave Whinnery and David Strege. The special effects were created by Zachary Smith.


Four female beach volleyball players and their coach Dolly become stranded in a gully in the woods when their car breaks down.

Naturally, despite warnings from a crazy old man, they head for the safety of the nearest cabin but encounter Fred, a weird sexually-repressed survivalist, instead. While his psychotic exhibitionist mother plays enforced kinky bondage games with captive Renee, the other young women are stalked one-by-one by the son of the original killer clown.

Will the deranged clown kill them all or will they find a way to defeat him? What revelations will be revealed along the way?


“The Camp Blood franchise is back on the right track with this offering which by no means anything special feels like a definite step up from the previous Ghost of Camp Blood film.  The more light-hearted humorous approach works fairly well and though it does go too far sometimes into the realms of stupidity it’s never less than passably entertaining.” The Slasher Report

“Never very good, but it’s light years better than others in this cruddy series by at least attempting stupidity at every turn. Cheap even by dirt standards, but does entertain from time to time.” The Splatter Critic

“The effects are mostly CGI blood spray and a rather bloodless decapitation. Certainly, nothing to write home about. There’s certainly not much in the way of suspense either. There is, however, just enough going on to keep the thought of turning it off at bay. And Sheila’s character adds just enough depravity to make me think of Troma’s Mother’s Day.” Voices from the Balcony


Camp Blood 8: Revelations is available free to view via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

Domiziano Arcangeli … Derek
Rhei Liu … Ashley
Phoebe Dollar … Dolly
Rowan Denis … Melinda
Sally Mullins … Sheila
Kyle Ian Fisher … The Clown
Laura Dromerick … Renee
Emilyrose Morris … Brandy
Shawn C. Phillips … Fred
Joseph Haggerty … Ragged Man
Veronica Ricci … Betty
Danny Filaccio … Danny
David S. Sterling … Dave

Technical details:

81 minutes


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