CHOP CHOP (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘A killer cut…’

Chop Chop is a 2020 American horror feature film about a home invasion that does not go as planned as one killer is not expecting any resistance.

Directed by Rony Patel – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with Andrew Ericksen, the Fairwolf Production stars Atala Arce, Jake Taylor, David Harper and Jeremy Jordan. It was produced by Andrew Ericksen, Prachi R Patel and Rony Patel.


“There is too much uncertainty and confusion, too many unanswered questions. Just who are these people? Was this whole thing random? What’s in the box?! There were pacing issues, stares that go for too long, uncomfortable silences, long pauses in the scant dialogue. Ultimately, I felt the characters needed more development, a logical backstory. ” Cinedump

“Viewers will be kind of left stuck on the precipice by the finale led up by a perpetual tease of haphazard affairs thinly connected by one inexplicable common source that was surrounded by spies, murderers, and a malicious carcass disposer.  Evading a near-total fumbling of the story, Chop Chop whips up fresh, new characters for the fray scattered throughout the playing field, keeping the loosely lassoed narrative structure from disastrously crumbling down into a hollowed heap.” It’s Bloggin’ Evil!

“Suggesting a home invasion thriller, then presenting chaos, ending in torture and survival is not ideal (yeah, and I still haven’t forgiven Mother!). I will always applaud the arrival of a new director, especially one from an underrepresented demographic, but this is not a good introduction for Mr Patel.” Ready Steady Cut!

“I did wish that there had been slightly more depth provided, maybe via flashbacks or something, but I just had no feeling for the main couple whatsoever. Chop Chop was certainly an interesting movie, and it goes to some unexpected places. It was perhaps a little too much style over substance as while I was never bored, I wasn’t that involved in the main plotline either.” The Rotting Zombie

Chop Chop is a rather brilliant darkly ironic thriller following Murphy’s Law of whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and playing it out to multiplying proportions, really. And a steady pace really sees to it that the audience never gets bored, while a nice balance between suspense and violent outbursts keeps one at the edge of one’s seat throughout, with director Rony Patel not shying away from the gruesome parts without ever trying to gross out just for the sake of it.” Search My Trash

“With a bit more structure this could have been an enjoyably surreal bit of dark comedy. A couple who, I assume, was once involved with a rather violent underworld gang are forced to renew their dealings with them. The bizarre figures who make up the gang and ever-worsening situations providing the humour. Instead, it’s a series of barely connected, almost random incidents.” Voices from the Balcony


In the USA, Kamikaze Dogfight in partnership with Gravitas Ventures is releasing Chop Chop on Digital HD and VOD on October 20th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Atala Arce … Liv (as Tania Aleman)
Jake Taylor … Chuck
David Harper … Teddy
Jeremy Jordan … Detective Minaya
James McCabe … Jeffrey
Paul Syre … Pizza boy / Randall (as Paul Syre Lee)
Theresa Byron … Layla
Mikael Mattsson … Clark
Lizzie Chaplin … Police Dispatcher (VO)
Mike Thompson … Jerry
Natasha Missick … Rex
Nicholas Correnti … Small Man
Emily Katter … Marsha
Jazmine Jordan … Daughter of Detective Minaya
Mandy Martino … Rebecca

Technical details:

98 minutes

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