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Hosts is a 2020 British horror feature film about a family that is murdered one by one when they invite their neighbours over for Christmas dinner.

Written and directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes (Dirge), the movie stars Neal Ward, Nadia Lamin, Frank Jakeman and Lee Hunter.

Hosts is a great time that had me by the balls and didn’t let go. A genre film that is both expansive yet personal, this is intense, mean, and bleak in the best ways possible. I love it when an indie film can surprise me and hold my undivided attention.” Arrow in the Head

Hosts is a very impressive feature debut, morphing from its strange domestic setup to something infinitely darker at the click of a trigger. It certainly doesn’t stint on the gore – one scene is truly shocking both for its ferocity and its suburban backdrop – and the film is all the better for not providing easy explanations. Good work.” Dark Eyes of London

Hosts is a triumph of filmmaking, acting and storytelling, a lean, mean, uncompromising, brutal film that will leave the viewer wishing they had a bigger sofa to hide behind, and double-checking the door locks before heading off to bed.” Ginger Nuts of Horror

” …things begin to get scary as hell real fast. I cannot commend the eerie vibe and delicious creepiness enough. Horror fans will revel in these elements and should definitely enjoy Hosts!” Heaven of Horror

“As with all great Yuletide horror films, its increasingly horrific plot hinges on relatable emotional beats and the omnipresent spectres of family secrets and enduring grudges. A fine companion piece to another Brexit-era festive nightmare movie, Await Further Instructions, it also makes effectively unnerving use of that mainstay of any family Christmas, the television that never gets switched off.” Horror Screams Video Vault

“The practical effects here are perfect and wonderfully cringe-worthy. In fact, the effects throughout the film were very well done and I was impressed by them and the acting. You know it’s a good film when you are taken out of real-life for a while and find yourself completely lost in the story…” Nightmarish Conjurings

“Kudos to Ward and Loxely who, despite the lack of outward emotions, make it clear their characters are enjoying what they’re doing. Loaded with blood and scares, Hosts is an early Christmas present for horror fans.” Voices from the Balcony

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Dark Sky Films released Hosts on Digital and On-Demand on October 2nd 2020. Hosts will be released on DVD on November 10th. Bizarrely, a Blu-ray has yet to be announced. Order via

Cast and characters:
Neal Ward … Jack
Nadia Lamin … Lauren
Frank Jakeman … Michael
Lee Hunter … Eric
Jennifer K Preston … Cassie
Samantha Loxley … Lucy
Buddy Skelton … Ben
Sandra Howard-Williams … Newsreader

Technical details:
89 minutes

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