HELLBILLY HOLLOW (2020) Preview of haunted attraction slasher


Hellbilly Hollow is a 2020 American slasher horror feature film in which a group of paranormal investigators journey to a haunted attraction.

Directed by Kevin Wayne (Skookum) who also co-stars from a screenplay written by Bernadette Chapman, the movie also stars Kurt “Bald Man” Deimer, Megan Weaver and Hallie Shepherd.

Bull protects his not-so-small younger brother from the outside world, but who protects the outside world from Tickles the clown? A team of YouTube paranormal activity seekers journey to a haunted attraction in the backwoods of Alabama to find more than they bargained for as they follow thrill-seekers on a haunted hayride. Fear and death plague those who enter and those who seek the past…

Kurt Deimer has commented: “As a hardcore horror fan, Hellbilly Hollow is the kind of franchise film I always wanted to make and watch, especially since acting in Blumhouse’s Halloween in 2018. Not only is Hellbilly Hollow a terrifying slasher loaded with tons of creative, psychotic kills, there are also a lot of funny, laugh-out-loud moments. Fans of the unsettling and disturbing are in for a fun ride and I can’t wait to share the film with everyone later this fall.”

Cast and characters:

Kurt Deimer … Bull
Kevin Wayne … Tickles
Sandra Ellis Lafferty … Virginia
Danny Vinson … Sheriff
Hallie Shepherd … Mabel
Acorye’ White … Paul
Keller Fornes … Eric
McKalin Hand … Chuck
Trey Miller … James
Megan Weaver … Ally
Chad Joyce … Bartender
Aiden Hartman … Richard
Reid Meadows … Brian
Ariana Livingston … Tamie
Guardian Michael … Strongman
Hunter O’Harrow … Randy
Michael W. Ray … Elvis
Daniel Farias … Dustin (as Daniel P. Farias)
GG Ligums … Sasha the Snake Charmer
George Thagard … Sal
James Srygley … Mr Ghoul
William Croteau … Timmy
Doss Cleveland … Young Man (as Doss Cleavland)
Sadie LeJeune … Sally
Tiffany Maddox … Andrea
Tim Miller … Driver
Mercedez Moniz … Stephanie
Kaila Little … Rachel the Fortune Teller / Mimi the Voodoo Queen
Dd Starshaker … Fergus the Sword Swallower
Dana Elise … Extra
Chad Burkhardt … Monster