THE SWERVE (2018) reviews and overview

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The Swerve is a 2018 American feature film about a woman’s mental breakdown which is exacerbated by her involvement in a deadly car accident. However, she is not sure as to whether it happened or not.

Written and directed by Dean Kapsalis – making his feature debut – the Spark Chamber production stars Azura Skye, Bryce Pinkham, Ashley Bell and Zach Rand. Produced by Tommy Minix.


“Seeing a film this well-made and skillfully acted is exhilarating. The story goes to places you don’t expect and, in its most intense scenes, virtually causes you to hold your breath in nervous anticipation of what’s going to happen. A clear theme emerges in the final minutes…” The Aisle Seat

“Azura Skye’s performance as Holly, our troubled teacher, is something to behold. Holly is not a character to be wholly liked, yet sympathetic, and the portrayal by Skye is top-notch. She makes the character come fully alive, at times doing her best when she says very little. This seems to be the real takeaway from The Swerve.” Crypt Teaze

“Azura Skye is the centrepiece— The Swerve would only be a good story to read if it weren’t for her utterly engaging, devastating, and unnerving performance as Holly. The themes are pressingly relevant, in a day and age where men are slowly starting to wake up to the realities women face in their daily lives, as women, as mothers, and so on.” Father Son Holy Gore

“Kapsalis has written and directed a very grim and real story of family horror led by a matriarch who is succumbing to her demons. An outsider in her own her family, Skye is mesmerizing and plays expertly off of the surrounding cast […] A quiet, slow burn of a film, The Swerve stays with you for days.” Haddonfield Horror

“A decided downer with a twist-the-knife third act that will leave viewers scrambling for puppy videos, yet so brilliantly executed and emotionally charged that it’s impossible not to admire.” Horror 101 with Dr AC

“Though it’s supposed to be largely internal and contemplative as we watch Holly’s interior deterioration, it does occasionally cross the line from a meticulous and deliberate pace to a slow tempo that lacks momentum. It’s a fine line, and sometimes it gets crossed […] The Swerve is really a showcase for Azura Skye and her performance.” The Last Thing I See

The Swerve is confronting and mainstream audiences might not like this aspect. For Mother of Movies, the pacing, and it’s claustrophobic setting alongside the dire consequences of Holly and her inability to fix what’s broken, it’s a must-see. This is not a film for those wanting a light drama.” Mother of Movies

“Azura Skye does a spectacular job in this film. Her performance is chilling and so realistic, I often felt like I was watching a documentary without the interviews. As the film progresses, you really start to feel bad for her. You begin to feel the same dread and unwillingness to live as she does.” Pop Horror

” …the way in which The Swerve unfolds that helps it stand out. Skye gives an excellent performance in a role that spends a lot of time with her in contemplation, which leads to abrasive actions; she creates a slowly but unsettling course of events, and it leads to something horrifying by the very end.”

“This slow-burn psychological chiller unravels slowly, documenting Holly’s lonely descent into utter despair. The Swerve is driven by Skye’s bravura performance, which is absolutely riveting. The rest of the cast is fine, too, with Bell giving an outstanding turn. The facial expressions alone from these two fine performers constitute a  veritable acting clinic.” The Scariest Things

“Holly is twice shown baking that most all-American of dishes, an apple pie, while adding her own unconventional ingredients to the wholesome recipe. The results are no less irresistible and poisonous than the nation’s prevailing patriarchy, making Holly’s violent deviation from her prescribed homemaking path the last tragic swerve of a woman in trouble.” Sight & Sound

Cast and characters:

Azura Skye … Holly
Bryce Pinkham … Rob
Ashley Bell … Claudia
Zach Rand … Paul
Taen Phillips … Ben
Liam Seib … Lee
Deborah Hedwall … Beth
Dan Daily … Frank
Jason Gupton … Speeding Punk
Lindsay Jackson … Deli Clerk
Kristine Sorenson … Doctor
Jenna Marie Hess … Reading Student
Gretchen Portelles … Michelle
Chadwick Davilsaint … Jock
Maikel Ramic … Keepaway Bro

Technical details:

95 minutes

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