HAUNTED ROAD (2014) Reviews of Chinese revenge horror


Haunted Road is a 2014 Chinese horror feature film about seven friends on their way to a wedding when they come across a recent car accident. They make no attempt to rescue the wounded woman who is still alive. Instead, one of them steals her handbag. Soon after, their car breaks down and horrible events begin to occur one after another.

Directed by Yijian Tong, the Xiao Xiang Film Group production stars Taiyu Gao, Su-a Hong (The Age of Blood; Face; Wishing Stairs), Chao Jiang, Mu-Si Ni, Ling Peng, Renata Tan and Yue Xu. Original titles: 怨灵 aka Yuàn líng

Haunted Road 2 followed in 2017.


“The reveal to this one is clever and works well within the strict government confines of horror films. It’s a great throwback to the American teen horror films of the ’80s and ’90s, where a mysterious figure will stalk out and hunt the pretty cast one by one. Go in with an open mind about the ending, and you’re bound to enjoy.” Asian Film Fans

“Cinematography is very pedestrian and not even really worth mentioning, soundtrack is overly dramatic and sentimental and considering this is supposed to be a horror film, scares are pretty much non-existing. I definitely wouldn’t recommend.” HNN

“There’s a real glassy sensibility from its execution, a slight premise punctuated by jump scares over chills, which only seems to take away from the location’s forlorn nighttime atmosphere. For some I can see it getting old, pretty quick, it’s predictable until it comes to its close.” LM, Letterboxd

Technical details:

91 minutes

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