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‘The footage is real. The proof is irrefutable.’
Alien Origin is a 2012 American science fiction found-footage horror film about a lost expedition that exposes the origins of life on Earth.

Written, directed, co-edited, scored and photographed (uncredited) by Mark Atkins (Monster Island; 6-Headed Shark AttackPlanet of the SharksSand Sharks; Evil Eyes; et al), The Asylum production stars Philip Coc, Eric Darins, Daniela Flynn and Chelsea Vincent.

“This movie has the markings of being a pet project and not a fully realized film. Asylum Pictures have made many a film which parodies a bigger named movie, and to say this one is supposed to follow in the footsteps of Prometheus—the gentle giant would squish this one and grind it to the ground. The problems this film makes are too numerous to count.” 28 Days Later Analysis

“This one is surprisingly well-acted, and where almost every other Asylum-made Found Footage movie takes place in a single house or building, this one is wide open with quite a large scope spanning a town/military base, jungles, cave systems, half-crumbled Mayan temples […]  the alien seems to be invisible for the entire movie, so that kind of makes the action scenes really boring.” The B-Movie Shelf

“It’s not even that stupid little details are ignored, it’s that Alien Origin fails to achieve anything remotely resembling real life. If the movie had been made on the fly it would have been better than this; to be this bad, it almost had to try. Of course, the acting is also terrible. All of the soldiers appear to be trying to mimic their heroes in Platoon and Predator, and they fail.”

“It’s comatose Inducing. If you are in a coma, and somebody plays Alien Origin for you, it will put you in something beyond a coma, whatever that might be.  We can’t tell you about acting, or plot or story or anything because there was nothing to take note of, with the exception of watching folks walking in woods, running in woods, night vision in woods, then some fireworks in woods, followed by dying in the woods.” Film Critics United

Alien Origin is deficient in all matters. The film consists of a long preamble that follows soldiers and a film crew into the jungle. Various things happen but it isn’t clear what. The group come across an archaeological dig that has uncovered an alien skull deep inside a cave […] They come across and board an alien ship but nothing happens there despite much frenetic running through half-lit corridors.” Moria

“I feel that they could have done so much more with the concept. More details and facts around the findings they make, more clear and imaginative use of the teachings of Erich Von Däniken, Ancient Aliens, the Maya culture and their legends […] The last half hour is too much running around shooting in darkness.” Ninja Dixon

“About the only thing worth paying attention to at this point are the numerous creative cop-outs that Atkins employs in order to never actually have to show us our evil alien overlords, but even that little play-along-at-home game isn’t nearly enough to grab your interest for long. If you’re still awake by the time anything actually happens in this flick, you’ll be praying for nothing so much as a speedy resolution…” Trash Film Guru

“Do not watch Alien Origin. Do not look at the poster and think ‘cool poster, I’ll give it a go’. Do not watch a trailer and think ‘looks a bit like Predator, can’t be too bad…’ It’s bad. Alien Origin is one of the most appalling films I have ever had the misfortune to inflict upon myself.” Werewolves on the Moon

Cast and characters:
Philip Coc … Philip Royce
Eric Darins … Handsome
Daniela Flynn … Doctor Susan Neiman
Mjr. John Frear … Doctor Timothy Holden
Dennis Johnson … Dennis Freisen
Trey McCurley … Lt. Chris Thompson
Kent Noralez … Kent Clarkson
Saul Pech … Saul Vega
Peter Pedrero … Peter Santos
Andres Rash … Andres Revell
Rupert Tablada … Top Dog
Alan Usher … Major Alan Menton
Chelsea Vincent … Julia Evans


Whole film free to watch online:

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