6-HEADED SHARK ATTACK (2018) Reviews


‘Don’t mix with the six!’

6-Headed Shark Attack is a 2018 American action horror feature film directed by Mark Atkins (Empire of the Sharks; Planet of the Sharks; Sand Sharks; et al). The Asylum production stars Chris Fisher, Brandon Auret, Jonathan Pienaar and Meghan Oberholzer.


What is supposed to be a marriage boot camp on a remote island turns into the ultimate test for survival when a 6-headed shark starts attacking the beach. Trapped with minimal weapons they try to fight off the shark, but quickly discover that no-one is safe in the water or on land…


So much attention has been paid to The Asylum’s Sharknado franchise that people tend to overlook that the company has another equally entertaining franchise, the multi-headed shark franchise.

Starting with 2-Headed Shark Attack in 2012, The Asylum has steadily been increasing the number of heads on its sharks. Indeed, one of the pleasures of these multi-headed shark films has been trying to guess just how exactly all of those shark heads would fit on just one shark body. With last year’s 5-Headed Shark Attack, we ended up with a shark who had four heads at the front and, rather awkwardly, one head on its tail. The shark in 6-Headed Shark Attack is shaped by like a starfish and is perhaps the most impressive multi-headed shark yet.

What was it that made the 6-headed shark so impressive?  Well, have you ever seen a shark crawl out of the ocean and chase someone across a beach? Watch 6-Headed Shark Attack and you will! By using two of its heads as legs, the shark could move pretty quickly across sand. As a result, the timeless advice of “Don’t go in the water” isn’t going to help you out when it comes to the 6-headed shark!

Another great thing about the 6-headed shark is that it had super healing powers! For instance, if it lost one head, another head would eventually pop up in its place. In perhaps one of the greatest scenes ever to be found in an Asylum shark film, the 6-headed shark actually ripped off one of its own heads and threw it at someone! Not even Jaws could do that!

Whereas previous multi-headed shark films pretty much ignored the question of just how a shark ended up with multiple heads, 6-Headed Shark Attack actually does provide a bit of an origin for its title character. It was created as the result of a military research lab that was located on a remote island.  The lab has long since been abandoned but the 6-headed shark is still out there.

Unfortunately, the island is currently being used for couples therapy, which is being led by Will (Brandon Auret). Even once the 6-headed shark shows up, Will remains determined to bring everyone together and help them achieve their full potential. There’s something oddly touching about Will’s effort to do his job, even when there’s a shark throwing one of its heads at his clients.

I liked 6-Headed Shark Attack. This is one of those films that works because it delivers exactly what it promised.  The title declares that we’re going to get a 6-Headed Shark Attack and that’s what we get! If you can’t enjoy the sight of a shark with 6 heads chasing people across the beach, I worry about you.

Lisa Marie Bowman, MOVIES and MANIA – guest reviewer via Through the Shattered Lens

Cast and characters:

  • Chris Fisher … Jake
  • Brandon Auret … William Nix
  • Jonathan Pienaar … Duke
  • Meghan Oberholzer … Sarah
  • Thani Sebe … Mary Blood
  • Cord Newman … James Blood
  • Tapiwa Musvosvi … Kip
  • Naima Sebe … Angie
  • Marie Cavanna … Maria
  • Nikita Faber … Daphne
  • Wilco Wilkens … Bill
  • Caitlin Harty … Suzanne Nix


The film premiered on the Syfy channel on August 18, 2018.

6-Headed Shark Attack was released on VOD and DVD on August 28, 2018.