AMITYVILLE VAMPIRE (2020) With first trailer

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‘Their thirst is the cure’

Amityville Vampire is a 2020 American horror feature film about a group of lakeside visitors who are terrorised by an ancient vampiric evil.

Directed by Tim Vigil (writer of graphic novel Faust: Love of the Damned) from a screenplay co-written with Carlos Perez (Monster: The Prehistoric Project; Vamps in the City; The Occultist; Don’t Look in the Cellar), the Sterling Entertainment production stars Veronica Farren (Escape from Area 51; Interreflections; Choke), Laura Meadows (The Butcher; Grim Weaver; The Devil’s Carnival), Jin N. Tonic (Exorcism at 60,000 Feet;  Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison; Predator World) and Randy Oppenheimer (Rottentail;  Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy; Blood Moon Rising). Produced by prolific David S. Sterling.


“The legend of Amityville grows as a group of visitors around Red Moon Lake are terrorized by an ancient vampiric evil. Come sit around the campfire, if you dare… and prepare to die!”

Cast and characters:

Veronica Farren … Gloria
Laura Meadows … Suzie
Jin N. Tonic … Lillith
Randy Oppenheimer
Tuesday Grant … Lisa
Haillye Young Miller … Chastity
Margaux Leigh Hamilton … Silvia
Miranda Melhado … Fran
Tom Newth … Vampire Henchman
J Randall … Razor
Cassidy Rose Gyetvan … Wine Cellar Victim
Kat Rodriguez … Margie
Gustave Whinnery … Man Who Bumps Into Margie
Anthony Dearce … Johnny
Sean Michael Billings … Stony
Ismaele Montone … Kurt
Maggie Nolting
Jose Acain … Paco

Original title:

Red Moon Lake

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2 Comments on “AMITYVILLE VAMPIRE (2020) With first trailer”

  1. When does it come out and where can we buy it? The trailer didn’t have a release date and I can’t find it anywhere online? I’m guessing it will be on Amazon prime digital download soon right? Only question is when it will be released?

    1. There’s no release date available. On IMDb , it’s still listed as Red Moon Lake and in post-production. We will provide an update as soon as we know.

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