AMITYVILLE VAMPIRE (2020) Preview with first trailer


‘Their thirst is the cure’

Amityville Vampire is a 2020 American horror feature film about a group of lakeside visitors who are terrorised by an ancient vampiric evil.

Directed by Tim Vigil (writer of graphic novel Faust: Love of the Damned) from a screenplay co-written with Carlos Perez (Monster: The Prehistoric Project; Vamps in the City; The Occultist; Don’t Look in the Cellar), the Sterling Entertainment production stars Veronica Farren (Escape from Area 51; Interreflections; Choke), Laura Meadows (The Butcher; Grim Weaver; The Devil’s Carnival), Jin N. Tonic (Exorcism at 60,000 Feet;  Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison; Predator World) and Randy Oppenheimer (Rottentail;  Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy; Blood Moon Rising). Produced by prolific David S. Sterling.


“The legend of Amityville grows as a group of visitors around Red Moon Lake are terrorized by an ancient vampiric evil. Come sit around the campfire, if you dare… and prepare to die!”

Cast and characters:

Veronica Farren … Gloria
Laura Meadows … Suzie
Jin N. Tonic … Lillith
Randy Oppenheimer
Tuesday Grant … Lisa
Haillye Young Miller … Chastity
Margaux Leigh Hamilton … Silvia
Miranda Melhado … Fran
Tom Newth … Vampire Henchman
J Randall … Razor
Cassidy Rose Gyetvan … Wine Cellar Victim
Kat Rodriguez … Margie
Gustave Whinnery … Man Who Bumps Into Margie
Anthony Dearce … Johnny
Sean Michael Billings … Stony
Ismaele Montone … Kurt
Maggie Nolting
Jose Acain … Paco

Original title:

Red Moon Lake

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