WATCHING (2019) Korean office kidnapping horror thriller


Watching is a 2019 Korean horror-thriller film about a career woman who is kidnapped by a deranged security operative and held captive.

Written and directed by Kim Sung-Gi – making his feature directorial debut – the movie stars Ye-won Kang (Insane; The Huntresses; Ghost Sweepers; Hello Ghost), Hak-joo Lee (Welcome to the Guesthouse; Hit-and-Run Squad; Marionette), Suk-Tae Joo and Im Ji-Hyun.


It’s Christmas eve. Young-Woo (Ye-won Kang) is a career woman and a workaholic. Her boss harasses her and her coworkers resent her work drive.

One night, she is knocked unconscious and kidnapped by Joon-Ho (Lee Hak-Joo) in the company’s parking garage. Joon-Ho works security for the building. Young-Woo wakes up in a new red dress with her kidnapper in his office. Young-Woo struggles to escape from Joon-Ho who has trapped her in the parking garage.

He forces her to watch as he tortures her coworkers and demands her to decide which one he should murder. Meanwhile, sick voyeurs watch her torment for pleasure through the building’s CCTV…


The film was released in South Korea on 17th April 2019.

Cast and characters:

Ye-won Kang … Young-Woo
Hak-joo Lee … Joon-Ho
Suk-Tae Joo … General Manager Choi
Im Ji-Hyun … Min-Hee
Gye-nam Myeong … First-floor security guard
Dal-hwan Jo … Drunken stranger / Chairman
Kim No-Jin … Mi-Sook
Lee Eun-hee-Iii … Constable Park
Kyoung-jin Min … Police Sergeant Min

Original title:


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