The Rope Curse – Taiwan, 2018 – overview


The Rope Curse – original title: Zong xie – is a 2018 Taiwanese supernatural horror feature film directed by Shih-Han Liao. The movie stars Kimi Hsia, Hsin-Yen Hsu, Ke-Fang Sun and Jason Tsou.


The Rope Ritual is a traditional ritual passed down from thousands of years ago.

Legend has it that after people commit suicide by hanging, a curse resides on the rope which grows more powerful and sinister over time. Along the coastal areas of Taiwan, a ritual must be performed to burn the rope to lift the Rope Curse. This is the Rope Ritual.

Jia-Wei works at TV station and makes side income through live broadcasting bizarre events. With his good friend, A-Gwai, they decide to livestream the Rope Ritual to reach more viewers. Unknowingly, they find themselves tied to an unknown and unspeakable horror, which also implicates involvement Jia-Wei’s girlfriend, Shu-Yi.

As the situations becomes more dangerous, Jia-Wei seeks the help of a Taoist Master to protect himself and his lover. But what he uncovers is Shu-Yi’s long buried secret from a decade ago. Can Jia-Wei unravel Shu-Yi’s secret and hold back evil unleashed by The Rope Curse?…

Technical details:

106 minutes

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