A WRITER’S ODYSSEY aka ASSASSIN RED (2021) Reviews of sci-fi fantasy action movie

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Assassin in Red is a 2021 Chinese science-fiction fantasy action film about a father who is desperate to find his missing daughter. Reluctantly, he agrees to help a mysterious woman assassinate a novelist. At the same time, the young hero in the book’s alternate universe has also put his revenge plan into motion, and his actions begin to affect the real world. The international title is the uninspiring A Writer’s Odyssey

Directed by Yang Lu from a screenplay co-written with Shu Chen, Xiaocao Liu, Haiyan Qin, Lu Yang and Yang Yu. The United Entertainment Partners production stars Mi Yang, Liya Tong, Hewei Yu, Zijian Dong, Jiayin Lei and Jingfei Guo.


“Director Lu tries hard to make his main big picture — the scenes segueing between fantasy and reality — more connected. But it’s a search in ultimate futility as the more the mystery of the story goes on, the more the unveiling gets emptier, uninvolving and simply tiresome. There’s something to do here with long-gone fathers, the missing girl and her dad’s anguished dreams, but the linkage between reality and fantasy is so tenuous and flimsy…” 8 Days

“In the atmospheric and visually stunning A Writer’s Odyssey, fascinating concepts and intriguing plot strands get shortchanged by a rushed and simplistic conclusion. The already-announced sequel may yet bring depth and closure.” Asian Film Strike

” …a well-executed epic tale about moving forward and striving for change even when others say that change is impossible; a notion balanced by the film’s suggestion that victory is accomplished by reaching out and working together with others. It’s not one person’s heroic act that saves the day, it’s everyone’s.” CBR

A Writer’s Odyssey has its faults, but don’t let that deter you from seeing this emotionally engaging, visually ambitious epic. It’s one hell of a wild ride, that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.” Flickering Myth

“The visuals are fantastic and there are precious few moments when things look even the slightest bit cartoon-y or animated. The fantasy sequences, particularly in the latter portion of the movie, are just wonderful, bright, loud, and bursting with creativity. But the real-world experiences of hero Guan, writer Kwongwen and the rest are just as compelling too, an interesting counterpoint to the oversaturated mythic action.” Go Fatherhood

“Arguably one of the more original blockbusters to come out of China in the last few years, this is a surprisingly dark special effects and action piece that doesn’t mind piling in the narrative layers and expecting you to keep up.” The Reel Bits

A Writer’s Odyssey comes up short on detail and explanation, even though its broad story arc is easy enough to follow and there’s no end of superbly executed chase sequences and spectacular sights, including cities in flames and a flock of brilliantly designed flying dragon lanterns attacking Redmane’s enemies.” Variety


The movie will be released in China on 12th February 2021.

In the USA, CMC Pictures will also release A Writer’s Odyssey theatrically in select locations on February 12th, 2021

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刺杀小说家 aka Ci Sha Xiao Shuo Jia “Assassinate the Novelist”

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