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‘3 miles offshore… and a great white in-between!’
Shark Season is a 2020 American action horror film about a great white shark that relentlessly stalks three kayakers out on a remote island. As they wait for help to arrive, the tide starts to rise, forcing them back into the deadly waters. Now the race is on as the shark threatens to pick them off on the way back to the mainland… Also known as Deep Blue Nightmare and Shark Attack

Directed by Jared Cohn (Tubi Original Swim; Fast and Fierce: Death Race; Alien Predator; Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!; Devil’s Domain; Hold Your Breath) from a screenplay written by Mark Atkins (6-Headed Shark Attack; Empire of the SharksPlanet of the SharksSand Sharks; et al) based on a story by Andrea Ruth (Megalodon Rising).

The Asylum production stars Michael Madsen (Megalodon; CobraGator; Lumberjack Man; Piranhaconda; Species; et al), Paige McGarvin (American Psychos TV series; End of the World), Juliana Destefano (The Curse of the Clown Motel; Asteroid-A-Geddon) and Jack Pearson (Fast and Fierce: Death Race).

Sharknado franchise director Anthony C. Ferrante is credited as a second unit director. Horror genre director James Cullen Bressack (Blood Craft; Pernicious; Blood Lake; To Jennifer) is credited as the movie’s social media coordinator.


“After seeing the horrible acting, I thought it would be the worst part of the movie, but no, there was still much to be seen. The next thing that stands out thanks to its awful quality is the CGI. Sure, it is not the worst CGI I’ve seen, but it doesn’t fall too far out either. The images seem to have been produced by someone who hadn’t had the slightest idea of how to do it using a computer from two decades ago, and instead of building suspense, they are laughable.” 10th Circle

” …Jared Cohn’s in the Asylum against-the-budget verse and, as with Swim, the cinematography and editing is solid, but, uh, the CGI is a little bit weaker this time (a little bit, a little bit). The acting’s just fine in my book, so I am sure we’ll see more of Destefano and McGarvin damseling it up on Lifetime and romancing in the Lifetime X-Mas snows…” B&S About Movies

“File this one under so bad it’s almost good. Almost.” Lifetime Uncorked

“Subpar CGI diminishes the shark attack fear, a la Sharknado.  The plot won’t always entertain you, but you will learn something new about the water, animals, and the importance of a solar phone charger.” The Best Darn Girls

Season‘s production values are so off that there’s even some shots where the kayakers are so close to land they could probably smell it and seek shelter. Season‘s US title is actually Deep Blue Nightmare. Either way you cut it, Season is a nightmare to sit through. You don’t necessarily side with the shark but you don’t really root for the irksome leads either.” Views on Film

“Yes, we all saw this before when it was called The Shallows. And some of us saw it before that as Malibu Shark Attack. We didn’t need another version. Especially not one this inept. The script is by Mark Atkins, best known for films like 6 Headed Shark Attack, Sand Sharks and Monster Island. Unlike them, Shark Season tries to be a serious horror film. It’s just tedious with dialogue as bad as the CGI.” Voices from the Balcony

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Choice dialogue:
Sarah (Paige McGarvin) [shouting at the shark]: “What do you want!?”

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Cast and characters:
Michael Madsen … James
Paige McGarvin … Sarah
Juliana Destefano … Meghan
Jack Pearson … Jason
Lauren E. Hubbard … Paddleboard Girl
Nick Ryan … Darin
Josh Lovejoy … Boat Rescuer 1
Ben Gelera … Boat Rescuer 2
Eric Goldsmith … Helicopter Pilot
Christian Frazier … Jet Skier

Filming locations:
Pinellas County, Florida

Technical details:
1 hour 27 minutes


The Shallows (2016)

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