ZOMBIES REBORN (2012) Review and overview


Zombies Reborn is a 2012 Chinese science-fiction horror film about a young woman who is kidnapped from a hospital by zombies. She finds herself imprisoned in a mad scientist’s laboratory and must fight to survive and in order to escape becoming a zombie herself.

Directed by Xia Yong from a screenplay written by Gui Dou, the movie stars Si Chan, Li Chung-Yan, Sek-Ming Lau, Siu-Lung Leung aka Bruce Leung Siu-Lung, Qilong aka Li Qi-Long, Jiatong Liu, Hua Shang, Lau Sin, Miu Tse aka Xie Miao and Qiao Yu-Han.


In China, the film was released on 23rd November 2012.

Alternate titles:

無間罪: 僵屍重生 “Innocent Crime: Zombie Rebirth”
无间罪:僵尸重生”Innocent Crime: Zombie Reborn”
Wu jian zui
Endless Crime

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