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Mafia Inc. is a 2020 Canadian action crime film about a spiralling gang war between rival families in Montreal in the 1990s.

Directed by Quebecois filmmaker Daniel Grou aka Podz from a screenplay written by Sylvain Guy, adapted from the book Mafia Inc.: The Long, Bloody Reign of Canada’s Sicilian Clan co-written by André Cédilot and André Noël. The movie stars Marc-André Grondin, Sergio Castellitto, Cristina Rosato, Benz Antoine, Mylène Mackay, Domenic Di Rosa, Gilbert Sicotte, Mark Day, Pina Di Blasi, Rafael Petardi and Ali Hassan.


Set in Montreal in the 1990s, the film tells the story of the Gamache family, tailors for the Paternò Mafia family for generations. Vince works on behalf of Frank the godfather with his eldest son and seeks to earn his stripes by impressing him, but goes too far and ends up starting a war.

The Gamache tailors from father to son, have been dressing the Paternò Mafia family in Quebec for three generations. Vincent “Vince” Gamache works on behalf of Frank the godfather with his eldest son Giaco. Vince, reckless and rash, attempts to earn his stripes by impressing the godfather. Without the Paternò family knowing, he stages a big operation and then gets promoted. Fuming with jealousy, Giaco discovers that Vince committed a monstrous act during his stroke. The Gamache disown Vince and a gangland war begins.


“Based on true events, Mafia Inc. is a stylish and brutal crime thriller which explores the ties of family and the pacts of honour. Grou’s film is strikingly made and brilliantly acted, especially Castellitto as the fearsome Caporegime. Steve Cosens’ cinematography conjures up the glitz and glamour as well as the dirty and depraved. Mafia Inc. is an impressive feat.” Backseat Mafia

“Director Daniel Grou empowers an oscillating rock-heavy score and bleak visuals to paint the mood of an underbelly on the fritz. The well-established Canadian filmmaker keeps Mafia Inc. trodding at a purposeful pace, with this only falling asunder with jarringly intertwining back and forth between the present (1994) and past (1980). Scenes of gratuitous violence appear here and there and are tastefully administered to convey the bloody implications of mistrust and envy.” Film Ink

“Like other mafia movies, what makes Mafia Inc. work is its moments. The torture of the Greek investment banker, the capture of the snitch, a bus full of children, and horrific executions. All over-the-top moments now permanently etched into your memory. This is must-see mafia viewing. I would have said this is the best gangster film to come in a long time, but The Irishman beat Mafia Inc. to the punch.” Film Threat

“Primed, loaded and with a steady hand Mafia Inc. aims to deliver a gripping, old-school gang flick. But the trigger is never fully pulled. Respect must be earned, and Grou garners some for his impressive film. Its refusal to pander to traditionally trudged paths in the genre is to be admired – even for the shortfalls.” The Wee Review

Choice dialogue:

“Godfather or Pope, I don’t want to see you or your family of crooks!”


Les Films Séville and eOne released Mafia Inc in Canada in 2020. Film Movement will release the film in virtual cinemas in the US on February 19th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Sergio Castellitto … Francesco ‘Frank’ Paternò
Marc-André Grondin … Vincent ‘Vince’ Gamache
Gilbert Sicotte … Henri Gamache
Mylène Mackay … Sofie Gamache
Donny Falsetti … Giacomo Jr ‘Giaco’ Paternò
Vittorio Rossi … Ricardo Galati
Gerry Mendicino … Giacomo Paternò
Mike Ricci … Patrizio Paternò (as Michael Ricci)
Domenic Di Rosa … Donato ‘Toto’ Russo
Luigi Saracino … Roberto ‘Birdie’ Russo
Antonio Iammatteo … Tommaso ‘Tommy Yap-Yap’ Volpi
Benz Antoine … Sergent Brassens Paul
Karl Farah … Caporal Pierre Marois
Roman Pagliaro … Caporal Mario Puglisi
Toni Ellwand … Anna Paternò

Filming Locations:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Technical details:

143 minutes


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