PRETTY BOY (2021) Reviews and overview – now with trailer


‘He’ll break your heart’

Pretty Boy is a 2021 American slasher horror film that continues the story of the titular serial killer, first seen in Blind (2019).

Directed by Marcel Walz (Rootwood; Blood Feast; Seed 2; Kadaver) from a screenplay written by Joe Knetter (Blind; Desert Moon; Terror Overload; actor in Hanukkah). Produced by Oliver Diehm, Daren Hammer, Ivan Bernard Hruska and Rudiger W. Kummerle. Executive produced by James Cullen Bressack.

The movie stars Sarah French (Automation; Art of the Dead; Ouija House; et al), Jed Rowen (Xenophobia; Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!; Don’t Look in the Cellar), Devanny Pinn (The Dawn; Crossbreed; Bus Party to Hell; et al) and Heather Grace Hancock.

Screenwriter Joe Knetter said: “Filming Pretty Boy was an amazing experience. Every single person on the cast and crew brought their ‘A’ game. Getting back on set safely was our number one priority and we worked hard to make sure it was a great experience for everyone.

The sets we built at Wolfpack Studios took me right back to that world we previously set up. I will admit, the first time I saw Faye and Pretty Boy back together I teared up a bit. Blind is our version of a slow-burn 70’s style drama/suspense film. Pretty Boy is a total 80’s horror slasher.”

Director Marcel Walz added: “Filming Pretty Boy the way we did was a dream comes true for me. It is beautiful, fun, gory and creepy. Seeing our killer, Pretty Boy, slashing through this love letter to the 80s is what I have always wanted to do! Also, as an LGBTQ director, I could go crazy on set design for the Valentine’s party and overall theme in the movie, so be prepared for a lot of pinks, glitter and some intestines.”


” …largely great to look, with the colours really popping and the kill sequences not holding back on the bloodshed. Pretty Boy does lose a bit of momentum during its finale but this doesn’t stop it being a solid slasher, with a killer that has serious franchise potential.” Bloody Flicks

“The first two acts are largely by-the-numbers slasher fare, though Walz and Knetter give a few potential victims more backstory than most such characters get, and a bit of camp and dark humor are in play. The third act heads into wholly different territory, unexpected but not always hitting its targets.” Horror Fuel

“The first half of Pretty Boy is a fun throwback slasher, with the second half slightly less successful as it dips its toes into Texas Chain Saw Massacre territory. Still, the much larger body count, wry humor in the scripting, and varied twists and turns are a joy to watch unfold.” Josh at the Movies

“It’s too mean-spirited to be much fun – the finale hinges on one of my least favourite genre tropes, forced pregnancy – though there’s some competent use of ‘80s style pink lighting and the droning synth-pop music score is likeable pastiche before it starts wearing on the nerves.” The Kim Newman Website

“The group partying is a mixed bunch, which allows for some fun kills as Pretty Boy makes his way through the house. Unfortunately, once he’s done with them, it’s on to a new location and the dynamic shifts. It takes a much slower, dialogue-led approach; it’s also darker in tone than the Friday the 13th-esque first hour.” Starburst

Release date:

Pretty Boy had its world premiere on August 13, 2021, at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in South Florida.

Cast and characters:

Sarah French … Faye Dayne
Jed Rowen … Pretty Boy
Devanny Pinn … Chelsie
Heather Grace Hancock … Rayna
Jake Red … Preston
Andrew Rohrbach … Brad
Robert Felsted Jr. … Gary
Fritzi Luca
Sarah Nicklin … Jill
Ben Stobber … Mike
Tyler Gallant … Luke
Dave Sheridan … Mitchell
Maria Olsen … Edna
Robert Rusler … Edward


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