TAKE BACK (2021) Reviews and overview of action thriller

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‘You past will catch up with you’

Take Back is a 2021 American action-thriller film about a small town couple whose daughter is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger.

Directed by Christian Sesma (Every Last One of Them; Paydirt; Lost TimeThe Vigilante Diaries) from a screenplay written by Zach Zerrie,

The Head Gear Films-Ton of Hats co-production stars Mickey Rourke (Adverse; Girl; Abstruse; Nightmare Cinema), Michael Jai White (Welcome to Sudden Death; Triple Threat; Batman: Soul of the Dragon), Gillian White (Welcome to Sudden Death; Cops and Robbers) and James Russo (The Possession Diaries; Living Among Us; The Ninth Gate).


Zara (Gillian White) and Brian (Michael Jai White) are living the perfect small-town life when a mysterious stranger from Zara’s secret past kidnaps their daughter and now they must race to save her life…


“The fight sequences are either shot poorly or over far too soon which stops the film in its tracks from flowing freely […] cringeworthy dialogue mixed with unbelievable actions taken by particular characters turning this into more of a comedy than it’s supposed to be. Take Back doesn’t exactly have a lot to shout about either when it comes to the performances…” Barton Reviews

” …this is a somewhat disappointing A History of Violence wannabe and is probably mostly just for hard-core fans of the likes of Rourke and Jai White, but it still has enough decent elements to recommend a wary watch.” Blueprint: Review

“The human trafficking scenes were tough to view, but they are supposed to be. You never want to see a movie trying to glorify that type of inhumane violence towards those who are the most vulnerable. Take Back gives us a hero we can all cheer for and an ending that is fitting for the plot. If you get the chance to check out Take Back, do not hesitate to give it a watch.” Bulletproof Action

“It is cool to see Gillian White get the chance to lead an action film, but she and Michael Jai deserve a better vehicle. You have basically seen everything in this film before, usually with more style and distinctiveness. Not recommended…” J.B. Spins

“The plot grinds to a halt right around the time when it should be heating up, mainly because of the slow teasing of Zara’s backstory, which we’ve long since figured out by then […] the limited budget does the film no favors, resulting in a very condensed style of filmmaking that is a distraction. Take Back still manages to be somewhat entertaining…” Punch Drunk Critics

Take Back has its moments but with technical flaws and a pretty bland performance from Mickey Rourke, this film is ultimately a watch once and then you’ll forget about it. However, on the upside, this could be a stepping stone to have Gillian White as a potential action star…” World Film Geek

Release date:

101 Films International released Take Back On-Demand on June 18, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Mickey Rourke … Patrick
Michael Jai White … Brian
Gillian White … Zara
James Russo … Detective Chalmers
Paul Sloan … Dwayne
Jessica Uberuaga … Nancy
Chris Browning … Jerry Walker
Viktoriya Dov … Oksana
David Will No … Cisneros
Jay Giannone … Jack
Jay Montalvo … Det. Nick Perez
Adam Rote … Sheriff Deputy
Vince DeCosta … Zane
Priscilla Walker … Audrey
Victoria Rani … Tanya


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