AMITYVILLE HEX (2021) Preview of yet another Amityville movie


‘You can’t escape’

Amityville Hex is a 2021 American-British horror about a paranormal death hex that becomes a viral sensation. Can it be stopped before it’s too late?

Directed by Tony Newton from a screenplay co-written with Shawn C. Phillips. The latter co-stars with Sarah Schultz, Rheanon Nicole, Josh Schultz, Ken May, Chad Ridgely, Marcia Do Vales, Lloyd Kaufman, George Stover, Brad Smith and Andrew De Leon.


A paranormal death hex becomes a viral sensation when famous YouTuber Coolduder (Shawn C. Phillips) encourages his friends and fans to recite a hex of unknown origin entitled the Amityville Hex.

What starts as a viral trend soon becomes a living nightmare as anyone who fully recites the hex is cursed by the Amityville Hex and will soon face an untimely death!

Release date:

Amityville Hex will be released by UK-based VIPCO on DVD and BD-R in October 2021 and they have already got the film up for pre-order (the first 100 orders come with a free poster) on their website.

Cast and characters:

Shawn C. Phillips … Coolduder
Lloyd Kaufman … Hex Reader
Mike Ferguson … Steroid Mike
Marcia Do Vales … Heather
George Stover … George
Chad Ridgely … David
Luna Meow … Luna
Ken May … Kent
Mercedes … Ruby
Tony Newton … James
Kyle Rappaport … Self aka Moviebuff1
Veronica Ricci … Jess
Erik Anthony Russo … Seth
Jaclyn Passaro … Tara
John R. Walker … Peter Sommers


There is currently no trailer available

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