EVIE (2021) Preview of British psychological horror


Evie is a 2021 British psychological horror film about a young woman who has been burdened with a dark secret for most of her life.

Written and directed by Dominic Brunt (Attack of the Adult Babies; Bait; Before Dawn) and Jamie Lundy (Principle Deception), the Mitchell-Brunt Films-Paper Clip Pictures Production is produced by Joanne Mitchell.

The movie stars Holli Dempsey (The Alienist series; Jekyll & Hyde series), Jay Taylor (Ravage; A Fantastic Fear of Everything; Donkey Punch), Michael Smiley (Censor; Come to Daddy; Kill List) and Justin McDonald.



Witness to a family tragedy when they were younger and ripped from an idyllic life by the sea, both Evie and her older brother Tony (Jay Taylor) were put into care. Twenty years later, they are reunited. However, something terrible from their past follows…


Currently in production.

Cast and characters:

Holli Dempsey … Evie
Jay Taylor … Tony
Michael Smiley … Father Robert
Justin McDonald
Liam McMahon … Gil
Joanne Mitchell … Jen
Martelle Edinborough
Honey Lundy … Young Evie
Danny-Lee Mitchell-Brunt … Young Tony

Filming locations:

Yorkshire, England


There is currently no teaser or trailer available for Evie.

Initial source: Bloody Disgusting