THE BOONIES (2021) Reviews of backwoods clan horror


The Boonies is a 2021 American horror film in which campers in the Appalachian woods find themselves in a fight for survival. Unfortunately, they discover they are being hunted by a clan of human flesh-eaters.

Produced and directed by Lance Parkin – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with Matt Schultz, the BB Mack Productions- Locust Street Entertainment stars James Quinn (The Clearing; No Knock List), Rick Dutrow, Daniel Johnson and Dave McMillan.


“The few bright spots aren’t enough to even recommend this to fans for the horror sub-genre. You would be better of watching any of films that inspired The Boonies or just take your chances in going camping in the backwoods. Even if you do have a run in with cannibal hillbillies, you’ll find them more enjoyable company then any of the characters in the movie.” Horror Buzz

“The villains are hillbillies and this movie retreads those old cliché stereotypes which have been done better elsewhere and far more competently. No, where this movie shines for me are in the elements that do not quite work.” SciFi Movie Page

“There are plenty of killings, which, if done right might have made The Boonies a bit more interesting. But they’re shot with no flair and there’s no suspense […] If ninety minutes of things you’ve seen a hundred times before hung on a plot that consists of coincidences and improbabilities is what you’re looking for, The Boonies is your film.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

In the USA, Indican Pictures will give The Boonies a limited theatrical release on March 30th 2021 followed by DVD and Digital releases on April 13th.

Cast and characters:

James Quinn … Jeremy
Rick Dutrow … Mitch
Daniel Johnson … Marcus
Dave McMillan … Deputy
David Ogrodowski … Papa
Lance Parkin … BBQ Owner
Matt Schultz … Aaron
Ben Dietels … Cloyd
Brian Balog … Complaining Neighbor
James Howard … Marty
Ian D. McMillan … Aiden
Christine Mancini … Mama
Vincent Bombara … Will
Jess Uhler … Hailey
Blake O’Donnell … Jefferson

Filming locations:

Belsano, Davidsville (Sheriff’s Station), Ebensburg, Hollsopple, Johnstown and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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