AREA 5150 (2021) Preview of sci-fi horror movie


‘Welcome to the kill zone’

Area 5150 is a 2021 American science-fiction horror film about an alien-obsessed podcaster and his friends who travel to Area 51. There, they soon find themselves on the run and on the menu in the deadly no man’s land outside the base.

Directed by Sean Haitz (Big Top Evil) from a screenplay co-written with Mark Cerulli. Produced by Sean Haitz and Mark Cerulli.

The movie stars Matthew Lucero, Clair Brauer, D’Shea Beasley, Aaron Prager, Rob Wight, Jed Rowen, Mark Cerulli, Jenna Curtis, David Vega, Eric Alegria, August Kinglsey and Miss Sadistic.


Sam Miller, a quirky, funny UFO fanboy, wants to take his Sci-fi Sam podcast to the next level by shooting exclusive video at the border of Area 51, the legendary top-secret military base. It’s supposed to be a fun little road trip with his beautiful girlfriend Ashley, his slick friend Kid and Azuza, a crazy hot hitchhiker they picked up along the way…

Everything changes once they hit the secluded desert surrounding the base – they’ve just wandered into a private hunting ground of a twisted desert family and now they’re gonna have some fun! Sam and his friends descend into a bizarre world of torture, cannibalism and madness at the hands of brothers Doug and Ronnie, their badly mutated sister Ruby Rose, homicidal shut-in Timmy and Big Daddy, an ex-Psyops officer with an axe to grind. (Literally.) Their only hope is to escape, which leads them deeper into the base where the true purpose of Area 51 is revealed – but at a wicked price…


Area 5150 came about when director Sean Haitz (Big Top Evil, Cannibal Comedian) and screenwriter Mark Cerulli discovered they shared an interest in Area 51 and UFOs. The film taps into the deep curiosity people have with the highly classified Air Force base and the worldwide fascination with extra-terrestrial life. To add authenticity, the filmmakers shot footage at the actual border of Area 51 in Nevada’s high desert – watched by the real Cammo Dudes. They had to be careful not to step one foot over the unmarked boundary.

As director, Haitz used two different colour palettes to give Area 5150 an intense look – cold blues and greens for alien sequences and hot reds and orange for the desert madness and bloodlust. He boosted production value by staging a helicopter landing, a crack of dawn highway chase and a metal-crunching car stunt.

Although the story involves aliens, military black sites and a Mad Max-style chainsaw, Area 5150 is full of dark humour, weird characters and a military doctor who makes Hannibal Lecter seem warm and fuzzy. It’s a brutally fun sci-fi/horror ride like no other!

Release date:

Area 5150 will be released late in 2021.

Teaser trailer:

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