CHEERLEADER MASSACRE 2 (2011) Reviews and overview


Cheerleader Massacre 2 is a 2011 American slasher horror film about cheerleaders being murdered by a maniac using hi-tech electronic weapons.

The movie is a sequel to The Cheerleader Massacre (2003).

Directed by cinematographer Brad Rushing – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written by Patrick Moran (Return of the Killer Shrews; Dire Wolf; Jack-O; Dark Universe; Vampire Trailer Park) and Kyle Sullivan. Produced by Robert Polgar (Supergator).

The Califilm production stars Julia Lehman (From Hell to the Wild West; The Black Room; The Obsidian Curse; The Burning Dead), Michele Boyd (Altergeist), Charlie Solomon and Jennifer Titus.


“Some of the acting here was also surprisingly decent for this type of micro-budget fare and especially considering the low bar set by the first movie, and the ‘killer’ is using all this robotic tech and drone tech to kill everyone off, which was actually pretty unique and fun, even if the CGI for it was abysmal.” Jeffrey Long

“Lots and lots of nudity mixed with lots and lots of CGI blood. The acting gets worse as the breasts get bigger so watch out. Let’s be honest though, you aren’t going to check out Cheerleader Camp II for award-worthy acting. If you are looking for a campy good time, you could do a lot worse than this one.” Slasher Studios

“Mechanical devices are picking off cheerleaders and their easy conquests at a training site. A story is barely existent, characters do nothing significant, and the point is rather dopey. Solely gets by on incredible female nudity.” Splatter Critic

“The cute but aspiring actresses are otherwise wearing bikinis or sexy athletic ensembles. The title is, indeed, only half pertinent. Half the movie takes place in and around baths and showers used as a pretext to contemplate the female body employing extended close-up pans of glorious bottoms and boobs.” Tales of Terror

“It’s a slasher where the killers are primarily some Phantasm II style metal contraptions with surprisingly large-in-scope sinister motivations behind it plus an unexpected albeit ridiculous feminist (as obvs written by a man but hey he’s trying) final twist and that’s more than the first cheerleader massacre tried to accomplish, right?” Tony the Terror

Cast and characters:

Julia Lehman … Anna
Michele Boyd … Janice
Kari Ruth … Sonya
Jaclyn Kerhulas … Lisa
Ashley Walsh … Victoria (as Ashley D. Walsh)
Charles Solomon Jr. … Gary Jardine (as Charlie Solomon)
Angel Monroe … Cindy
B.D. Friedman … Hector
Tricia Hoffman … Emily
Jasmine Waltz … Kelly
Kimmy Matich … Nikki
Laura Niles … Monica
Kyle Kinane … Jimmy
Tanaya Nicole … Helen
Jennifer Titus … Lindsay Hamilton

Technical details:

87 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.33: 1

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