COFFIN HOMES (2021) Preview of Hong Kong comedy horror


Coffin Homes is a 2021 Hong Kong comedy horror film about a real estate agent trying to sell homes in a haunted house.

Directed by Chen Guo. The movie stars Huang Younan, Cha Paulo, Wei Qiuhua, Wen Xueer, Mak Kaqi, Li Lizhen, Shao Yinyin and Taibao.


Real estate agent A. Yuan (Huang Younan) knows that he is selling a murderous house but is still trying to persuade potential buyers to sign up so he can get a generous commission.

However, he becomes entangled with the tall guy (Cha Paulo); four sisters (Wei Qiuhua, Wen Xueer, Mak Kaqi and Li Lizhen). As for the grandmother (Shao Yinyin) Yuan hopes to build a villa, so hangs around her hospital bed every day hoping that she will return to the West as soon as possible.

Facing these “filial daughters”, it is so hard to die; Ah Xiang (Taibao) twists the six people. He tried every means to convert his own tenement building into more than ten sub-districts for rent, but the little ghost Qiangzai always appears to cause damage…

Release date:

August 9th 2021

Original title:

鬼同你住 “Ghost Lives With You”


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