HORROR IN THE HIGH DESERT (2021) Reviews and overview


Horror in the High Desert is a 2021 American horror mockumentary about an outdoor enthusiast who disappeared in 2017.

Written and directed by Dutch Marich (Reaptown; Infernum; Miserable SinnersHuntingBleed Out), the Luminol Entertainment-Maya Aerials production stars Suziey Block, Eric Mencis, David Morales, Tonya Williams Ogden and Errol Porter.


In July 2017, an experienced outdoor enthusiast vanished in Northern Nevada while on an outdoor excursion. After an extensive search, he was never located. On the three-year anniversary of his disappearance, friends and loved ones recall the events leading up to his vanishing, and for the first time, speak about the horrifying conclusion of his fate…


“The unique style of found footage plus mockumentary in Horror in the High Desert makes for a memorable film that stands out among its peers. This is another film that should appeal to fans of both horror and true crime.” Horror Buzz

“This was a bit slow starting out but it eventually finds its footing. We then move on to the footage that was found. This found-footage insert adds some much-needed action to the film. I’m not a found footage fan but having this aspect just take up a small portion of the film was fun.” Horror Society

“Unlike many of these films, Horror in the High Desert does give the audience answers but not all of them. While we do learn Gary’s fate there’s enough left unanswered to leave you wondering […] Some viewers may feel a bit let down when they find out what’s out there, but I was satisfied with it.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Suziey Block … Gal Roberts
Eric Mencis … Gary Hinge
David Morales … William ‘Bill’ Salerno
Tonya Williams Ogden … Beverly Hinge
Errol Porter … Simon Rodgers

Filming locations:

White Pine County, Nevada

Technical details:

82 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 HD


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