DECOYS (2004) Reviews and overview of alien sorority girls movie

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‘They’re not what they seem…’

Decoys is a 2004 Canadian science-fiction horror film about a college guy who suspects the blonde-haired sorority girls are really aliens.

A sequel, Decoys 2: Alien Seduction, was released in 2007.

Directed by Matthew Hastings [as Matt Hastings] (Shadowhunters series; Engaged to KillBloodsuckers 2005) from a screenplay co-written with Tom Berry (Screamers: The Hunting – story; Decoys 2: Alien Seduction – story).

The movie stars Corey Sevier (Apartment 1303; Osombie; Decoys 2: Alien Seduction), Stefanie von Pfetten (Day of the Dead series; Happy Face Killer; Seeds of Destruction), Kim Poirier (Dawn of the Dead 2004; The Rats; American Psycho II), Elias Toufexis (Sand Serpents; Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep; Bloodsuckers 2005) and Meghan Ory (Dead Rising: Watchtower; Dark House; The Haunting of Sorority Row; The Darklings).


“Deceptive box art aside, that’s all Decoys aspires to be: a fun way to kill some time. It doesn’t have a ton of gore, but it does have some more traditional effects work, as well as some CGI that ranges from decent to fair. The flick is loads of fun, provided one takes it in the spirit in which it is intended.” Cinemaspin

Decoys suffers slightly because of the unoriginality factor but it compensates for this with a sense of fun and some nicely unexpected moments that try to balance out the jump scares and more obvious plot twists […] There’s a mix of humour throughout that doesn’t always work but improves when the film gets into the second half and picks up a gear.” For It Is Man’s Number

“A series of cheap attempts at scares and lame jokes to fill up an hour and a half. The sad thing is that the idea was actually pretty decent. I mean, womens’ chests are the killers’ weapon of choice. How could they fail to turn that into anything less than a classic, right? Well, they did.” Last Movie Review on the Left

“The whole film is just kind of forgettable, save for moments like the good Alien and the twist at the end.  I sure hope that it pays off in the sequel! Decoys is harmless but forgettable viewing. At worst, it will make you think that you’re watching an American Pie film when the aliens aren’t around…” Mondo Bizarro

“For what it is and for what it could have been (Species, anyone?), Decoys works. It’s not the most frightening or creepy horror flick out there, but it’s also far from the worst; it’s a perfect afternoon matinee type of movie, enjoyable but almost instantly forgettable.” Reel Film Reviews

” …it’s just a mindless horror/sci-fi exercise that manages to be silly enough and have enough alright effects/moments to be enjoyably goofy. Just ignore the fact that the “wigger” characters annoy, the “love” angle is pretty lame, and the finale is underwhelming.” The Video Graveyard

” …the various small flaws found in Decoys are hardly detrimental to the overall fun of this mildly entertaining cinematic frivolity. The film is not meant to be either intelligent or great, it is meant to be a fun way to pass the time; on that level, Decoys succeeds hands down.” A Wasted Life

Cast and characters:

Corey Sevier … Luke
Stefanie von Pfetten … Lilly
Kim Poirier … Constance
Elias Toufexis … Roger
Meghan Ory … Alex
Ennis Esmer … Gibby
Krista Morin … Vikki Vickers
Marc Trottier … Bobby Johnson
Carrie Colak … Natasha
Richard Burgi … Detective Francis Kirk
Nicole Eggert … Detective Amanda Watts
Don Hastings … Medical Examiner
Sarah Smyth … Rosedale Princess
Leah Graham … Melody
Mike Lobel … Halloween Jock

Filming locations:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Technical details:

95 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital


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