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‘We all have to sacrifice for family’

Red Handed is a 2019 American mystery feature film about a secret rural sect abducting children for sacrifice.

Written and directed by Frank Peluso, the movie stars Michael Biehn (The GirlAliens; The Terminator) Ryan Carnes, Owen Burke and Kenzie Dalton. Produced by Nick Cassavetes and Aaron Steele-Nicholson. Michael Madsen has a cameo role.

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[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

Red Handed has more flaws than hits in target and unlucky for the debuting director and screenwriter, they greatly affect the quality of the movie. The biggest of these flaws is the initial explanation that ruins any surprise element or suspense that is tried to be developed during its development. The premise of the plot is interesting and it has good acting, but its slow development and lack of surprise weights more.” 10th Circle

“This is written pretty well and feels like Midsommar mixed with a backwoods people messing up normal folks picture. I really liked the occult story about adding an egg to cake mix, even if it’s not really true. The dialogue is really good, though and the movie does a great job of keeping up the tension.” B&S About Movies


“The first half of Red Handed made me think this movie would probably be able to land at a solid 3 star review. Nothing too special, but interesting and entertaining (despite the less than impressive performance from Christian Madsen). Unfortunately, the plot takes several awful turns that no amount of brilliant acting would have been able to save.” Heaven of Horror

“The premise seemed promising and intriguing enough […] but alas it fell well short of that mark. There are certainly much worse ways to spend ninety minutes in front of your television, but I can’t in good conscience recommend this terrifically shot, yet ultimately disappointing affair.” Horror Geek Life

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” …the story behind it is well thought it, owing a debt perhaps to Hereditary. With a little bit more experience for Peluso as a writer and director, this could have been a good film, instead of a flawed one. It’s not a film that will linger after you see it, but Red Handed is not a bad film and for all its issues, has enough there to keep you interested.” The Horrorcist

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“Like the concept of family itself, Red Handed can too be confusing, chaotic, but wholesome too. Ultimately, there is a feeling or suggestion that this is a film of two halves, but not quite in equal measure. Eventually, the confusing and direction-less first “half” is contextualised late on, though, depending on your patience, this may occur too late on to save the day.” Nerdly

“It’s a familiar mix of Satan worship, ancient, non-Christian deities and snake handling but after the dull plodding around before it, it’s an improvement. Red Handed badly needs a dose of adrenaline. Almost all the action is in the final confrontation and it’s dull work getting to it. Red Handed is just too restrained for its own good.” Voices from the Balcony


Red Handed premiered at SPIFFest in Los Angeles in October 2019 and is released on DVD and Digital by High Octane Pictures on December 3rd 2019.

Cast and characters:

Michael Biehn … Reynolds
Ryan Carnes … Gus
Owen Burke … Pete
Kenzie Dalton … Laurel
Rick Salomon … Dale
Christian Madsen … Duffy
Clement von Franckenstein … Tillman
Jay Seals … Doherty
Beth Miller … Nano
Caroline Vreeland … Rachael
Hunter Daily … Allegra
Thyme Lewis … Enos
Kurt Andon … Finch
Jeb Berrier … Drucker
Sage Mayer … Shiloh

Working title:

Children of Moloch


Free to watch online:

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