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‘The end of the world begins with him. it’

12/12/12 is a 2012 American horror film about a young mother who realises that her newly-born baby is the spawn of Satan. Also known as Evil Born

The movie is a sequel to 11/11/11 (2011) and was followed by 13/13/13 (2013).

Written and directed by Jared Cohn (Devil’s Domain; Death Pool; Little Dead Rotting Hood). The Asylum production stars Sara Malakul Lane, Jesus Guevara and Erin O’Brien.

Following protracted and painful childbirth, a baby, Sebastian, is born. After Sebastian viciously murders the doctors who delivered him, his mother (Sara Malakul Lane) realises that there is something seriously wrong with the child…

“The film works on a very base level in that it creates a legitimate sense of unease and creepiness, but otherwise fails to muster up anything of value. Maybe that’s enough, maybe it isn’t, but audiences looking for the truly odd might want to give this one a watch. All others are advised to stay away unless demonic babies sound like a good idea.” Blu-ray.com

“Real horror lovers should be smart enough to simply stick to Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen instead! The movie also features some absolutely horrible acting and dialog in it, which makes things even harder to watch! It truly brings the movie down even more and it’s not like this movie is getting a better one either, once it starts heading toward its ending.” Boba_Fett1138

“I don’t know what happened here because this film is a hot mess. Weird editing decisions, and an incoherent plot due to events just kind of happening for no reason. 12/12/12 might be watchable without seeing the first film, however, it’s nearly unwatchable for what it is.” Cinefessions

“Cohn has once again delivered a taut, twisting, barrage of thrills sure to hack at Asylum fans’ horror bones. His direction adds darkness to an already pitch-black story, and his intimacy with the acts of violence throughout submerge viewers into the Hell he is unleashing on-screen.” Committed

12/12/12 is ridiculously bad. Almost so bad it’s good. The film actually has some silly camp value. The “killer demon baby” is the worst looking thing I may have ever seen. It literally kills people by having them hold it against their necks. Laughable […] If you are in the mood to punish yourself, or really drunk and need a laugh, then you should fire up 12/12/12.” DreadWorld

” …12/12/12 is kind of horrible, just a little bit, mainly due to a narrative that lacks any type of cohesion, an overuse of profanity that was so overblown and distracting that I resorted to counting ‘f*cks’, a few suspect performances here and there, lapses of logic even in a situation that is patently illogical, and some wildly uneven pacing […] despite the glaring shortcomings I couldn’t have turned the movie off if I tried.” Film Critics United

“The little plastic baby puppet is pretty funny. I guess it’s supposed to be scary, but as far as a hilarious mock-up of what a bad movie might try to pass off as a scary evil baby, it’s pretty great. I guess the thing I don’t get about this movie is why the date 12/12/12 is supposed to be associated with evil or scariness?” Films in Boxes

” …strange editing cuts and odd plot lines, tissue paper-thin structure eventually dooms the entire production, rather than a straightforward narrative, it slowly dissolves into random killings. While the special effects work, basic in design and thankful not overwhelming CGI, the characters all go through the motions, never truly believable, no strong connections to Revelations or the parent’s religion.” The Horror Syndicate

“It substitutes obscenity for dialogue, gore for story, and could have been a tighter story if 30 minutes were lopped off. Though it tries to be creepy and scary, even while sitting alone and in the dark, this film was barely able to illicit an evil grin.” Matchflick

Cast and characters:
Sara Malakul Lane … Veronica
Rubén Guevara … Mahari (as Jesus Guevara)
Steve Hanks … Detective Barnes
Carl Donelson … Carlos
Laura Alexandra Ramos … Gabriella
Samantha Stewart … Officer Vokel
Rachel Alig … Katherine
Erin O’Brien … Nurse At Station
Katy-Ann Thompson … Nurse Madysson
Gregory Niebel … Doctor Ulf
Patrick Stover … Doctor #1
Shakira Ja’nai Paye … Kayla (as Shakira Janai Paye)
Shauna Chin … Barbara
Jourdan Lee … Jason Tremmel / Good Samaritan
Jon Kondelik … Trevor

Filming locations:
Los Angeles, California

Technical details:
86 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital


Free to watch online:

Also available free to watch, with a slightly longer running time, on the Horror Central YouTube channel

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