THE EXTRAORDINARY PURSUER (2021) Preview of Chinese fantasy horror



The Extraordinary Pursuer is a 2021 Chinese fantasy action comedy horror film about a young woman fighting evil extraterrestrial creatures.

Directed by Yin Bo (Demons Hunter – ZhongKui: Nightmare) from a screenplay co-written with Huang He, Zhao Ruo-Chen and Huang He. The movie stars Ma Jian-Yue, Hu Ning-Lin, Nishikawa Kaoru and Kohei Murakami.


Wu Xiao Yue is a kung fu girl who travels to Tokyo to pursue the dream of being in a girl band. However, she accidentally encounters the evil extraterrestrial creatures that plague the planet. In order to protect justice and the stability of the human world, she joins forces with Onmyoji Hi Sou and the rookie policeman Fujima…


Technical details:

61 minutes

Original title:

超凡追击者 “Extraordinary Chaser”
Chao Fan Zhui Ji Zhe