BIGFOOT OR BUST (2021) Preview of Jim Wynorski comedy monster movie



Bigfoot or Bust is a 2021 American comedy monster movie written and directed by Jim Wynorski. Produced by Becky LeBeau and Gail Thackray.

The movie stars Melissa Brasselle, Becky LeBeau, Lisa London, Cindy Lucas, Gail Thackray, Christine Nguyen, Lauren Parkinson and Deborah Dutch.

Jim Wynorski‘s previous movies include Cobragator; Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre; Gila!; Piranhaconda; Camel Spiders; Dinocroc vs. Supergator; Ghoulies IV; Sorceress; The Wasp Woman 1995; Transylvania Twist; Not of This Earth 1988 and Chopping Mall.




There are currently no plot details available.

Cast and characters:

Melissa Brasselle … Jesse James
Becky LeBeau … TBC
Lisa London … Rusty Reddy
Cindy Lucas … TBC
Gail Thackray … Doctor Dawn
Christine Nguyen … Tilly
Lauren Parkinson
Deborah Dutch … Starr / Space Girl 3


There is currently no trailer available for Bigfoot or Bust.

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