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‘The breast Bigfoot movie ever made!’
Bigfoot or Bust is a 2022 American comedy monster movie about female celebrities on a quest to search for Bigfoot. Unknown to them, a group of time-travelling women from the future is also looking for the hairy creature…

Written and directed by Jim Wynorski (Cobragator; Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre; Gila!; Piranhaconda; Camel Spiders; Dinocroc vs. Supergator; Ghoulies IV; Sorceress; The Wasp Woman 1995; Transylvania Twist; Not of This Earth 1988 and Chopping Mall). Produced by Becky LeBeau and Gail Thackray.


The movie stars Melissa Brasselle, Becky LeBeau, Lisa London, Cindy Lucas, Gail Thackray, Christine Nguyen, Lauren Parkinson and Deborah Dutch.



“Absolutely horrendous acting that is papered over by cleavage. No plot. Horrific dialogue. Bigfoot just looks like a lunatic in a terrible costume. This is a movie you zone out of and clean your apartment to.” Setter

Our rating should be half a star but Google doesn’t recognise less than a star. Sigh.

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Cast and confirmed characters:
Melissa Brasselle … Jesse James
Becky LeBeau
Lisa London … Rusty Reddy
Cindy Lucas
Gail Thackray … Doctor Dawn
Christine Nguyen … Tilly
Tane McClure
Lauren Parkinson
Deborah Dutch … Starr/Space Girl 3
Eli Cirino … Bubba

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