HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP (1996) Reviews and overview

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‘Your deepest fears will surface’
Humanoids from the Deep is a 1996 American science fiction horror film about death-row inmates who have been mutated by military experiments – the intention being to make “amphibious soldiers” (!). Some mutants escape and thrive due to a growth hormone – “Synestin Rogeman” – which is being illegally dumped into the ocean by a local fish cannery.

The movie is a remake of the 1980 film of the same name. It was made to be shown on Showtime Networks cable TV channel and reuses footage from the original, particularly during the carnival scene.

Written and directed by Jeff Yonis (Born Bad; Bloodfist V: Human Target), based on a story by Martin B. Cohen, Produced by Michael Amato, Edward G. Reilly Jr. and Darin Spillman. Roger Corman executive produced.

The New Horizons production stars Emma Samms (Boogeyman 2012), Robert Carradine (Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda; Slumber Party Slaughter; Tooth and Nail; Attack of the Sabertooth), Justin Walker (Clueless), Mark Rolston (Blood Craft; Saw V and VI; Asylum 2008; Aliens), Danielle Weeks, Clint Howard (Pigster; Ticks; Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4; Evilspeak)and Kaz Garas.

” …a distinct improvement over the original. Which is not to say that it is without serious flaws […] Having spent its opening sequences setting up the conflicting camps, the screenplay succeeds in bringing its people together into a believable fighting unit. It’s also nice to see the kidnapped women fighting back on their own behalf…” And You Call Yourself a Scientist!

“Hilariously, the creature design remains about the same, featuring a wide mouth of teeth and an exposed brain peeking up from the oversized cranium. Since the hellions were formerly people, it actually makes a bit more sense that they’re humanoids (although their bulletproof skin and other details are sillier). The violence has increased marginally, and the makeup effects are more amusing…” Gone with the Twins

” …there is less monster footage in this one, not even counting the re-used stuff.  It was a bit creative how they mixed up the stock footage, but it was still stock footage. The movie relies a lot more on the characters interacting with less monster footage than in the original, which could be a blessing or a curse (depending on your taste).” Mondo Bizarro

“A total seahag of a movie, with its aggressively dumb premise, woeful cast (but be on the lookout for an early appearance by Walton Goggins), failed updating of the story that misuses the monsters and sands the ugly edges off the proceedings to presumably make it more palatable for a 1990s cable TV audience […] result in a movie that’s far more offensive than the original ever was.” Monster Hunter


“It’s a good, gory monster movie with Humanoid-suits that actually is a lot cooler and better made than in the 1980 classic. And to be honest, I know some people will get angry now, but this one does have better pacing – it just takes lesser time for the monsters to appear, shorter intervals between the kills and a good amount of energy. The cast is great too, especially Robert Carradine and Mark Rolston. Clint Howard also has a small part, which always is a pleasure.” Ninja Dixon

“Lame for featuring parts of the original, but on its own, this is a mostly fun and often gory romp. The overall cheapness is easy to forgive.” Splatter Critic

“Instead of trying to be the original it took the monsters and some of the ideas (and footage) and made a solid under 90-minute monster flick that has everything I could ask for. The make-up effects and costumes are actually great and I didn’t find fault with making the characters as standard as they were because there is some fun dialog and even a weird twist or two.” Tomb It May Concern


Choice dialogue:
“I didn’t think it was physically possible. It’s why we haven’t recovered any female victims. The mutations, they’re – they’re using them….”


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