THE PIT (2021) Reviews and overview of survivalist thriller with first trailer

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‘There’s more to survival than just staying alive’

The Pit is a 2021 American thriller film about two old buddies that fall into a deep hole, become trapped, and start to become mean.

Directed by Stacy Brown Jr. (The Skunk Ape Lives; WildMan of Ocheese Pond; Roswell: 70 Years Later) from a screenplay written by Thomas Smugala. Produced by Stacy Brown Jr, Thomas Smugala and Stevie Stafford.

The Best Dudes Films-Image Maker Marketing co-production stars Donnell Bobo, director Stacy Brown Jr. (Hunting the Legend Part II; Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot), Christian D. Chapa, Svetlana Dashevskaya, Vinny Evans, Jessica Parker, Les Stroud and Evette Young.


While hiking in an isolated forest, survivalist Danny Coile (Les Stroud) and old Army buddy Arron James (Stacy Brown Jr.) become hopelessly trapped when they fall into a deep dark cenote with steep walls and no way out. Over the next eighty-five five days, they transform from mild-mannered old friends into vicious, bloodthirsty animals willing to do whatever it takes to survive…


“Most of the exposition of the two primary characters is done through flashbacks. Though they do provide context for their relationship and history together, they could be cut entirely from the film […] By far, the most perplexing issue with the film is seeing some really poor survival techniques on display. The twist ending may be an excuse for these issues, but it still doesn’t actually work narratively.” Rea L Mosian

Cast and characters:

Donnell Bobo … Driver
Stacy Brown Jr. … Arron
Christian D. Chapa … Young Danny
Svetlana Dashevskaya … Jonesy
Vinny Evans … Young Arron
Jessica Parker … Girlfriend
Les Stroud … Danny
Evette Young … Ann

Filming locations:

Florida, USA


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