SNAKE KING (2021) Review of Chinese monster movie and free to watch



Snake King is a 2021 Chinese monster movie about journalists that go into a jungle and come across the titular giant reptile. Also known as The King of the Snake

Written and directed by Miao Jincang, the movie stars Wang Jiaru, Chen Saisai, Hu Yuansong, Long De and Wei Xiaodong.


The editor of Pang Shijia magazine and his colleagues go deep into the mysterious unpopulated jungle to shoot material and having been chased by a poisonous snake accidentally enter the underground snake palace. Three of them manage to escape and encounter an injured old man. He tells them the legend of the bloodthirsty Snake King and the humans who made a pact to protect the land and water.


The group decide to leave the jungle but are kidnapped by the snake catcher, so have to show him the way to the snake palace. A trap is set to kill the Snake King which makes the giant reptile furious. The snake catcher regretfully sees his brother being swallowed by the massive snake and decides to leave the mountain with the Pang Shijia party as soon as possible.

However, poachers have wandered into the jungle and witnessed the sky-high skins shed by the snake king. Seizing the opportunity, the poachers’ force the Pang Shijia editor and his party at gunpoint to show them King Snake’s lair which is filled with a hundred snakes ready to attack and kill anyone that enters… [translated from Chinese]



“Whether it’s the underground snake palace where the Hundred Snake Walks worship the Snake King or the enraged snake tribe frantically chases and devours the invaders, the screen is extremely impactful, allowing people to appreciate the shocking power of the spectacle to the utmost extent, and can’t help but follow this.” [translated from Chinese]

Original title:

蛇王 “Snake King”


Not to be confused with Snake King (2020).


Full film free to watch online [no subs]:

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