OUT OF TIME (2021) Reviews of sci-fi thriller

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Out of Time is a 2021 American science fiction thriller about an Army officer from 1951 who teams with a female cop to hunt three aliens.

Written, produced and directed by Matt Handy, the Creekview Entertainment production stars Nadège August, Blake Boyd, Kurt Long, Gary Fredo and David Schroeder.

Three mysterious figures emerge from the Mojave Desert and make their way to Los Angeles, leaving a trail of bodies in their path. To thwart their plans for global genocide, a mysteriously old-fashioned Army intelligence officer will need to team up with a hardscrabble LAPD detective who, having just freshly broken up with her philandering fiancé, is about to discover that knowing who to trust can be the difference between life and death…


“It’s not Earth-shattering or epic. It’s just a well-made thriller with likable characters, good performances by the leads, and a science fiction twist or two. And believe me, those are a lot rarer than you think they are. So if you want to spend ninety minutes playing cops and aliens, this is a fun and enjoyable way to do it.” Rivets on the Poster


Out of Time is available via Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters:
Nadège August … Lisa
Blake Boyd … Cooper
Kurt Long … Tom
Gary Fredo … Lt. Jenkins
David Schroeder … Vernon
Mark Andrews … Bouncer
Jessica Graves … Kelley
Daniel Gavin … Doctor Oppenheimer
Cole Gerdes … Lon
Turi Haim … Base Researcher
Anthony S. Johnson … Doctor Jackson
La’Chris Jordan … Mrs Jackson
Kimberlee Kidd … Diva
Timothy Mittel … The Runner
Scott Peat … Motor Pool Mechanic
Katie Rediger … Trouble
Beth Scherr … Canvas
Ellen Schoeters … Stacey
Justin Sintic … Tough
Jordan James Smith … Byers
Travis Stevens … Young Agent
Clint Tauscher … Clark

Filming locations:
Los Angeles, California

Technical details:
92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2:35:1

Out of Time was apparently filmed in 2019.

Trailer :

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