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‘Breeds with anything…’

Bigfoot is a 1969 American horror monster biker movie directed by Robert F. Slatzer from a screenplay co-written with James Gordon White (The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant and The Thing with Two Heads). It was released in 1970.


Despite its low budget, it featured some well-known actors and family namesakes in the cast, including John Carradine (as “Jasper C. Hawkes”, a Southern travelling salesman), Chris Mitchum, Joi Lansing, Doodles Weaver and Lindsay Crosby.


A group of people are captured by Bigfoot and his family. A group of hunters are trying to hunt down Bigfoot, bumbling at first, but in terms of rescuing the captured women, and capturing the gigantic ‘King of the Woods’ alive for public exhibition for profit victorious (with the help of others) in the end. It also involves college students riding motorcycles to rescue the captured young women.

In the middle of the film, the sceptical sheriff’s department and the ranger’s station are notified of the woman’s disappearance, but to no avail on the part of the authorities with respect to actually searching for the missing women.

The unlikely heroes in the very end are a hardy, gun-toting old mountain man who had previously lost one of his arms during a historical encounter with the gigantic, erect animal and one of the idiotic dynamite-armed bike riders. The old man hero’s wife, an Indian squaw, prophesies “bad medicine” (for Bigfoot, that is) just before the final man-vs.-Bigfoot showdown…

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“Bigfoot is a truly awful movie, combining a doofus storyline with shoddy production values and terrible acting, but it’s arresting in a fever-dream sort of way … Bigfoot creatures get more screen time here than in virtually any other ‘70s Sasquatch movie, which is not a good thing—prolonged exposure highlights the bad costumes.” Every 70s Movie


” …the poster for 1970s Bigfoot is a true artistic masterpiece. The movie is pretty wonderful too. Noticing the public’s fascination with Bigfoot that was kicked off by the Patterson/Gimlin film and the biker craze that ensued following the release of Easy Rider, writer/director Robert F. Slatzer had the idea to incorporate both elements into a film.” T*pless Robot


Bigfoot, a certifiable mess with the most unconvincing sets this side of Gilligan’s Island, at least knows how to have a little fun. Bikinis, funky music and motorcycles go a long way in hypnotizing the viewer into ignoring small details like the fact that you have to actually light dynamite to make it explode.” Kindertrauma

“Bigfoot is perhaps the most entertainingly bad Bigfoot film of the entire “cycle” (no pun intended) though, of course, that’s a “tall” order to fill. But given the strange blending of motorcycles, ridiculously bad Bigfoot costumes, has-been actors, bikini babes, and a mutant music score, the entire experience is truly a slow-paced, stupefying descent into all things torpid, but with a camp sensibility that redeems Bigfoot from total boredom.” David Coleman, The Bigfoot Filmography

Bigfoot Filmography

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Interview with The Bigfoot Filmography author, David Coleman


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Filming locations:

Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest, California

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