CRABS! (2021) Review of killer crustaceans comedy horror



Crabs! is a 2021 American comedy horror film about a horde of murderous crab monsters that descend on a sleepy coastal town on Prom Night and only a ragtag group of outcasts can save the day.

Written, co-produced, directed and co-edited by Pierce Berolzheimer, making his feature debut. Also produced by James Ojala, Pete Paduano and Eric Sheehan.

The Ojala Productions-Young Gunner Films co-production stars Jessica Morris, Dylan Riley, Robert Craighead and Bryce Durfee.


“Mutated by nuclear runoff a horde of murderous horseshoe crabs descends on a sleepy California town causing Prom Night terror. As the deadly crustaceans claw their way through the disbelieving population, it’s up to a ramshackle band of students and police to address the increasingly ginormous crab menace in a love letter to such practical effects horrors as Gremlins and nostalgic Roger Corman classics.”


” …it’s fair to say it tilts from a creature feature into a full-on Kaiju-meets-Power-Rangers climax. The result of which will either leave the audience praising its madness or shaking their heads in confusion. Crabs reminds us that sometimes, films don’t have to be incredibly engaging or thoughtful to be effective – sometimes, play, entertainment and escapism is just what we need.” Cinerama Film Online

” …outlandish, offbeat and almost exhausting in just how many sharks (or crabs?) it threatens to jump. By the credits, it feels like Berolzheimer and co. have surpassed the B-movie pantheon of “so bad it’s good” many times over. In fact, Crabs! is so bad at being “so bad it’s good”, that it almost loops back round to somehow being good again. Almost.” HeyUGuys

“The crabs themselves are a combination of obvious puppets and people in suits, with plenty of rubber on display […] The nostalgia is brought out from having giant crab beings that look like a Power Ranger villain of the week helps save face and keeps the movie the right side of funny. Although never quite cohesive enough to really connect to, Crabs! does still manage to be a pleasant enough creature feature on steroids.” The Hollywood News

“There’s a palpable sweetness to most of the silly comedy stuff […] It’s colourful and gruesome, clearly the work of committed monster lovers (the mostly practical creature effects are fun in a Toho circa 1972 sort of way), and might even have franchise potential.” The Kim Newman Website

“The central cast embrace the material with gusto and they’re all very good – something which can be a rarity in this type of low budget schlock fest. There’s plenty of comedy and heart on display – and you’ll actually care once these characters find themselves in peril. It’s not high art – but Crabs! is a fun B-movie if you take it on its own merits.” Movies in Focus 

“The humour is crass and the story’s over the top, particularly when it comes to what we’ll call the ‘MacGyver’ moment, but even that is surpassed by the ridiculous climax. Crabs! is preposterous in the same way The Asylum and Troma movies are. If you can get over the offensive stereotypes and take it in the spirit in which it was no doubt made, you could have a lot of fun.” Starburst

Release date:

Crabs! had its world premiere at the Arrow Video FrightFest in London on August 26, 2021.

The film has been picked up for distribution by Raven Banner.

Cast and characters:

Jessica Morris … Annalise Menrath
Dylan Riley Snyder … Philip McCalister
Robert Craighead … Sheriff Flannigan
Bryce Durfee … Hunter McCalister
Allie Jennings … Maddy Menrath
Katrina Moran … Willa (as Katrina Landa)
Dash Pomerantz … Sequoia
Kurt Carley … The Limulus
Justen Overlander … Queen Crab
Chase Padgett … Radu

Technical details:

80 minutes

Teaser trailer clip: