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‘The quietest towns hide the darkest secrets’

Intrusion is a 2021 American home invasion thriller film about a young husband and wife who move to a small quiet town. A home invasion leaves the wife traumatized and suspicious that those around her might not be who they seem.

Directed by Adam Salky (The Ceremony; I Smile Back; Dare) from a screenplay written by Chris Sparling. Co-produced by Kyle Benn, Russell Hollander, Alexandra Milchan, Matthew Myers, Chris Sparling and Josh Weinstock.


The movie stars Freida Pinto, Logan Marshall-Green, Robert John Burke, Sarah Minnich, Hayes Hargrove, Megan Elisabeth Kelly and Mark Sivertsen.

The soundtrack synth score was composed by British-born Alex Heffes (The Take, 2016; Escape Plan, 2013; Red Riding Hood; The Rite; Trauma, 2004).



“Director Adam Salky’s film looks slick enough, but there’s little style until the plot escalates, with cinematographer Eric Lin’s swirling camera movements and Alex Heffes’ buzzing electronic score. Nothing to write home about, Intrusion only rewards viewers for being smart because the discoveries are so obvious.” The Artful Critic

Intrusion isn’t any great addition to the genre, but it’s fairly benign, and Pinto is lovely to watch. Character in these types of films, especially female ones, tend to be one-note, shrill and terrified, whereas Meera is a little more determined, more pro-active; not merely a victim, but an agent in her own fate.” @ssholes Watching Movies

Intrusion is basic, pursuing simple thrills and chills while a mild mystery develops, but Sparling tries to give the endeavor some dramatic textures along the way, and director Adam Salky does what he can with style and pace, keeping things passably engaging in this serviceable effort.”

” …our investment teeters thanks to a vacant central performance from a lethargic Pinto, an actor who often struggles to connect with her material and then, in turn, her audience. It’s a shame as the character’s swift, gruelling descent from having to losing it all could have allowed another actor to add some emotional heft to an otherwise mechanical story.” The Guardian

“Salky and Sparling’s exploration of the male ego is interesting. On a technical level, the movie features some great cinematography, editing, production design, set design, and sound design. And all that is undoubtedly tied together with a bow on top via Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto’s committed performances.” High on Films

“It’s a fun watch, to be sure; as a home invasion movie of sorts, it has a number of thrilling moments, and lead actors Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green each do a stellar job with what they’re given. However, the final product also exudes trepidation about its most intriguing aesthetic and narrative elements…” IndieWire

“This is one of those mysteries where both the suspect and the sleuth keep making the kind of implausible, idiotic mistakes that generate trite suspense […] If Intrusion has one redeeming feature, it’s Marshall-Green, whose performance as the husband […] has a crackling, tightly controlled intensity far more nuanced and persuasive than anything else in the film.” The New York Times

“Any fans of the thriller or crime genre will see this “twist” coming a mile off. It doesn’t help that the plot laboriously trudges from one set piece to the next before reaching this moment, with Meera piecing together clues that the audience has already figured out […] One element of Intrusion that’s actually not half bad though is the soundtrack.” The Review Geek

“It proves only slightly stronger at piling on mysteries more than giving fulfilling answers to them, especially as its script has about a half-dozen too many conceits. There are simply too many moments here in which the characters, who we are supposed to care about in some form, are conveniently dumb. The kind of faint, cheap thrills that make apparent how everyone is a pawn here—not just the characters, but the subscribers too.”

“The writing certainly leaves something to be desired, the dialogue at times is incredibly cringeworthy. There are some terribly shaky and rapid camera movements as well, which although add to the chaotic and frenzied feeling of the film, are not really necessary. Neither is the synth-like music, which really doesn’t match up with the tone of the film at all.” Trailer Trashed

” …the film is just slick, pacy and intriguing enough for us to suspend sufficient disbelief while it’s going — never mind afterwards, when it all evaporates from the memory in a trice. Salky doesn’t get to demonstrate the more nuanced dramatic touch of his prior features Dare and I Smile Back. Still, he works up an acceptable froth of urgency in suspense or action when required.” Variety


Intrusion will stream on Netflix on September 22, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Freida Pinto … Meera
Logan Marshall-Green … Henry
Robert John Burke … Detective Stephen Morse
Sarah Minnich
Hayes Hargrove … Bill Whitman
Megan Elisabeth Kelly … Christine Cobb
Mark Sivertsen … Dylan Cobb
Yvette Fazio-Delaney … Construction crewmember
Bonita King … Cafe Patron
David DeLao
Clint Obenchain … Actor
Brandon Root … Peter
Josh Horton … Sergeant

Technical details:

1 hour 32 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital

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