ENDANGERED SPECIES (2002) Reviews and overview of alien hunter movie

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‘Earth is a battleground.’

Endangered Species is a 2002 American-German-Lithuanian science fiction horror film about a killer from another world is hunting humans. Also released as Alien Invasion and Earth Alien (UK).

Written and directed by Kevin Tenney [as Kevin S. Tenney] (Brain Dead; The Cellar; Witchtrap; Night of the Demons; Witchboard and Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway). Produced by Bruce Wayne Gillies, Tom Kuhn, Rainer Mockert, Robertas Urbonas, Fred Weintraub and Jackie Weintraub.

The movie stars Eric Roberts, Arnold Vosloo, John Rhys-Davies, Tony Lo Bianco, Al Sapienza and Saulis Siparis.

The soundtrack score was composed by Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th franchise).



“The film goes all for political incorrectness and intentional over-the-top thrills while being able to be taken seriously or never like disorganized schlocky trash […] While low-budget, this film still has a PM Entertainment Group/telefilm/X-Files type look while also benefiting from reasonable lighting, an imaginative music score, cool CGI alien computer displays, legit-looking sets and actual stunts, car crashes and explosions.” The Action Elite

“The plot is ridiculous, the special effects are laughable. The chase scene in this movie is so inept and badly edited that all you can do is stare at the screen in disbelief.” Comeuppance Reviews


“There is plenty of pointless gratuitous nudity and lots of silly chase scenes and badly done special effects. The cast are all down on their luck familiar faces now resigned to b-movie hell and it doesn’t get more b-movie than this. Endangered Species still manages to entertain and it made me laugh a lot…” Eat Horror

“A bunch of stuff blows up and lots of people get shot in the eye […] There’s not really much to say about this movie. It’s one of those “let’s throw something together that’ll cost a grand and make two in rentals” sorts of movies…” Films in Boxes


“There are some half-attempt to put this into an actual plot, where humans are considered the equivalent of gorillas, and I don’t know, it all makes very little sense […] I will give Kev some props for trying to fill up 94 minutes, but will also question if the gratuitous nudity really was needed.” One Star Classics

“Sincere performances and environmentalism aside, like Peacemaker, the rest of Endangered Species’ strengths lie in Tenney’s punctuative use of set pieces. He adheres to a solid tag in, tag out structure: for every scene of dialogue — a lot of which are good, a few of which are bad — Tenney unloads a fist-pumping burst of excitement straight after, be it a gunfight, a foot or car chase, a small FX gag, or a whopping explosion.” The Schlock Pit


” …bad dialogue (much of it dubbed), laughably bad special effects, miscast actors (John Rhys-Davies as an American cop?), and production values only slightly worse than those on the vintage Dark Shadows soap opera. Way to go, lads. Terrible movie from a great idea.” Scoopy

“This is one of those sci-fi movies where the premise seems kind of okay at first, but unless you have extreme Eric Roberts-related anterograde amnesia, you’ll probably think about the plot for more than five seconds and it will all unravel horribly […] But don’t worry, Detective Sgt. Eric “F*ck Warrants” Roberts is hot on the trail of the killer! Too bad said trail is littered with baffling decisions and terrible chase scenes.” Something Awful



Cast and characters:

Eric Roberts … Lieutenant ‘Sully’ Sullivan
Arnold Vosloo … Warden
John Rhys-Davies … Lieutenant Wyznowski
Tony Lo Bianco … Captain Tanzini
Al Sapienza … Medina
Saulis Siparis … The Hunter (as Saulius Siparis)
James W. Quinn … Phil Yamata
Sarah Kaite Coughlan … Susan Sullivan
Miranda Jewel … Christine Sullivan (as Miranda Coughlan)
Sophie Bielders … Kathleen Sullivan
Alisa Hensley … Sydney
Monika Verbutaite … Cathy Carpenter
Egle Zakareviciute … Barbara (as Egle Zakarevieiute)
Evgenija Rusakova … Amy
Geoffrey Parish … Police Officer
Dziugas Siaurusaitis … Health Club Attendant
Maxwell Meltzer … Apartment Manager
Kristina Markelyte … The Hangar Gentlemen’s Club Hostess
Viktorija Soldatenko … The Hangar Gentlemen’s Club Bartender
Tomas Ereminas … The Hangar Gentlemen’s Bouncer
Aleksandr Baranov … Unit-9 Patrolman
Sergey Golovkin … Desk Sergeant (as Sergej Golovkin)
Giedrius Nagys … Patrolman
Kevin Tenney … Doctor (as Kevin S. Tenney)

Filming locations:

Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania

Technical details:

94 minutes


Clip 1:

Clip 2:

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